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The Return of the TimeLord, yes it's DOCTOR WHO! Print E-mail
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Tuesday, 06 May 2008

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Doctor WHO! The TARDIS! Need I say more?

Fine, for those of you that don't know, where the hell have you been for the last 40 years? Doctor Who is the world's longest running science-fiction show and has been on the air for decades. I have been a fan since a friend introduced me to it way back in 5th grade... Look it up. 

Travel through time and space with Top Trumps: Doctor Who! Join the Tenth Doctor and his companion, Martha Jones, as they battle monsters from across the universe!

Would Brannigan beat Novice Hame in a cat-fight? Is the Dalek Emperor more monstrous than the Family of Blood’s scarecrow soldiers, or will the Ood beat them all?

With despotic tyrants like the Cult of Skaro and the Cyber Army up against newcomers the Judoon: It’s a battle of intergalactic proportions.

  • • Battle as the Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack or one of the iconic monsters from the Doctor Who pantheon each with their own special powers and abilities.
  • Doctor Who Top Trumps mini games including battling the Cyber Controller or testing your Time Lord wits in the Memory Matrix.
  • • Play in adventure mode and battle across the universe or challenge an opponent closer to home in the two player game.

If it's all gibberish to you,  well then you have a lot of reading and 4 seasons of the latest iteration of Doctor Who to start in on and I suggest you get moving. No screenshots or actual gameplay ideas but it sounds like 

Top Trumps is like the card game War. You match two cards against each other. Only in Top Trumps you have different attributes on each card and you can choose the one to use for the battle. For more information and to play a cool Star Wars Top Trumps game check out their website 

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 May 2008 )

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