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Steal Money from GameStop - Get New(er) Games
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Saturday, 01 March 2008

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We all love to hate GameStop, it's ok you can admit it. They know we all love to hate them and still they persist in hanging about in most major metropolitan areas and quietly sucking the money from our wallets. Hell CigDangle even willingly shops there from time to time. Well this time you can take a little back.

Everyone knows that if you buy a game for $60 and then are done with it, taking it to GameStop is the equivalent of financial hari-kiri (that's ritualistic suicide in feudal Japan in case you didn't know) because they will take that game and give you $10 while turning around to sell it for $45 in what I have just this second termed GameStopenomics. So generally we suggest heading over to Goozex because you get a fair deal and can generally swap game-for-game and it's all cool and stuff.

 But sometimes you just can't do that and you have to go to the dreaded GameStop. Well this time when you go, take this with you and steal a little money from them:


 Now once you have the money, RUN. Head home, log onto Goozex and make that money into something useful, like a portion of a new-to-you game or some trading credits. Do NOT give the money back to GameStop. Do NOT turn your head to either side as you walk out, they will attempt to entice you with something that looks too good to be true, and probably is.

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