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Spin up that Axiom to Overdrive on XBLA
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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Wednesday, 21 November 2007

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Continuing to impress, XBLA is proud to announce more details on Reflexive Entertainment's foray into the downloadable game genre, Axiom Overdrive. First up, Blast Thru game mode.

The games that are coming out for the XBLA really make me stop and say wow from time to time. I think they are the best we are being offered in terms of value, look and gameplay from any of the downloadable console offerings. While I can't agree with the recent statement that XBLA has no competition I can say they are definitely out-doing them at present. Nintendo needs to fire its volley into this fray before it's too late and Sony needs to stop playing the instable other party and get moving or maybe that statement won't be too far from the truth.

Players develop precision left stick thrust control skills to navigate asteroid AF128’s winding mine shafts at high speed, while carrying delicate shock sensitive high explosives.

Managing the counter orbital movement of the grappled explosives is key to success on these levels, as is mastering a well-timed grapple release, to slingshot the explosives and blast open bulkhead doors that have become fused shut.

"The faster pilots can blast their way through every fused bulkhead in a sector, the higher their rewards, which are credited towards their pilot cert rating," said lead game designer Tony Barnes.

Additionally, Reflexive Entertainment and the Axiom Corporation have revealed specifications for its Orbital Thrust Frame. Players are already eagerly anticipating piloting the vehicle through the unique physical environment within our deep space mining colony AF128.

“The OTF is a powerful, resilient, and uniquely versatile vehicle,” said Dr. D.C. Looper, Lead Engineer in charge of developing the vehicles’ on board control systems. “We know our job is done when pilots can’t even tell that there is a system helping interpret their control inputs. Many test subjects have reported that the OTF responds as though it is an extension of their own thought process,” he later added.

The built in grapple is a powerful graviton beam, which is used to pick up and manipulate objects within AF128. Pilots develop an innate feel for the momentum and mass within every object they push, crash, smash, carry, and sling through the mine facility.

The Gallery:
In preparation for the next wave of hiring on the mining colony AF128, and in response to the flood of applications already received, the Axiom Corporation is honing in on the first wave of exceptional applicants who will be chosen to pilot the limited number of OTFs available.

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jjbmetal, Publisher
I think they are doing much better in the classic game category, by having old games available for download almost every week. Sony has been much better in creating and publishing new downloadable games (fl0w, Pixel Junk Racers, Calling All Cars, Blast Factor, Stardust HD, to name some of them), though Microsoft has getting better in that regard recently.
 Posted 2007-11-21 15:00:19
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