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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 17 October 2007

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We have now had HD long enough to know that on a large enough screen you can count House's nose hairs and see the pores of Angelina's skin. But do we really want to see all this? Well translate that into gaming now and take an old game that, for the time, had fantastic graphics. Just for argument's sake let's say Space Ace. Now take that game and make it HD. It should look pretty damn sweet right? Let's take a look at the recently released screenshots shall we.


These shots definitely look like screenshots. Like someone actually took a really nice photo of the actual screen they were playing the game on instead of doing a screen capture. There is a strange graininess to them all that looks like they are on a standard LCD screen and an old one at that. For some reason when the HD was attached to the game I thought it would look outstanding, instead I think it just looks OK. I wonder what Don Bluth thinks. Click on any of the pictures for the full version.


   The screenshots do show the game stayed true to the original graphics. Actually I think those are the original graphics with maybe some fancy software upsampling or something because they just don't have the clarity we have come to expect from HD. And really on a computer what is HD? I higher resolution and a better scan and draw rate?


  By now everyone knows the difference between 1080p and 1080i right? 1080i is essentially a widescreen format with a resolution of about 1920 by 1080 pixels. The major difference is the frame rate so a 1080i signal has "twice the frame-rate but half the resolution of a 1080p signal using the same bandwidth" (Wikipedia) 1080p on the other hand is the same resolution but the screen is progressively scanned instead of interlace. That means every line is redrawn each frame instead of one frame drawing the odd and the next drawing the even lines in the picture in the 1080i. For more info see the Wiki on interlace and progressive. 


That's Ace demonstrating what interlace is just in case you were wondering. Or maybe he's getting ready to kick someone's butt. Either way I'm ready to place Space Ace again, HD or not.

The original game was brilliant and so I don't see why they needed to tack on the HD. I am starting to think it's just a marketing trick to get us to buy a more expensive version of a game that was already available on the platform. If you look at Amazon (see Slideshow just above) you will see several Space Ace variations available.

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