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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Tuesday, 12 February 2008

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Electronic Arts just announced the extension of exclusive licensing agreements with the NFL, and the players union, to create American football videogames.  The newly signed agreements give EA exclusivity to the very lucrative licensing rights until February 2013.

The agreement includes rights to action simulation, arcade-style and manager games on the PC, handhelds, consoles, and console-based online features.

Eric Grubman, President of NFL Ventures, said of the deal, "This is all about bringing authenticity and realism to NFL videogames.  EA SPORTS continually works to maintain the cutting edge for NFL products across a variety of gaming platforms. We like the fact that they never rest."

The franchise, which has generated over $2 billion dollars in sales, turns 20 this year, and Peter Moore, former Xbox head, and current President of EA Sports couldn’t be happier with the closing of this latest deal.  "We are excited about the opportunity to extend and expand our relationships with the NFL and NFL PLAYERS.  For nearly two decades, EA Sports has been bringing sports fans closer to the great game of football through the breakthrough interactive experiences of our videogames. Game quality is our top priority, and we’re committed to pushing our gameplay innovation, connecting football fans via rich online experiences and delivering the most visually stunning sports games on the market.”

Personally, I don’t see this deal as a positive.  It creates a mini-monopoly within the industry, and without competition, there is little need for improvement or innovation.  Let’s hope EA Sports doesn’t rest on their laurels, and instead continues to maintain Madden as the premiere videogame sports title.


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