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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Friday, 13 October 2006


As most of you know, Jack Thompson was playing not-so-noble Don Quixote again: chasing a villian that just wasn't there. He filed lawsuit in Florida trying to prevent the sale of Rockstar's forthcoming video game, Bully, claiming the game was a public nuisance. This is shortly after Jack won a case in which he demanded an advance copy of Bully so he could determine if it was, in fact, a public nuisance. I guess according to Jack it was.

Well, Niero from Destructoid was on hand to eye witness the victory, and gives a great blow-by-blow account of the proceedings. Its really worth the read, and shows a bit of the "softer side of Jack".

If you want to see what all the excitement is about, here is the latest trailer for the game, released Friday.


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