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GC 08: Quantum of Solace - Goosebumps Galore, oh and Bond, James Bond
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Monday, 25 August 2008

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The game is amazing. It is the best looking Xbox 360 title I have seen, period, end of story. It's being built on the CoD4 engine yet after playing both of them I could see that they really took time to make this Bond.

The game follows the film but with a twist since you get to play scenes from Casino Royale as well. Several of the scenes have been extended from what is in the films in order to make them more interesting to play through.

Let's go over the basics first shall we?

  • First time a Bond game comes out simultaneously with the film.
  • First Bond title on this generation of hardware
  • First Bond game from Activision
  • The film takes place 30 minutes after the end of Casino Royale
  • New cover combat system

Speaking about the cover system, much of it is not just impenetrable cover. Some can be destroyed or worn down and shot through as well. The game was made by a team of hardcore Bond fans and there was literally an internal waiting list to get on the project 2 or 2 and a half years ago when it started.

I not only sat in on a presentation of the game I actually got to play it as well. What I was told and found out is that there is a massive variety of gameplay in the game and you can go through entire missions and not kill a single person. But the game could be played with a more strategic approach or you could go through the game with guns blazing and kill everyone in the way.

The game not only gives a range of weapons to use but also implements some melee attacks called takedowns where when you get within reach of an enemy it allows you to move into a cinematic user-initiated melee attack that gets rid of the enemy.

The game is not only going to have a lengthy amount of single player but it will have multiplayer as well. I couldn't get any details on it but I seriously suspect that you will be able to play as either multiple Bonds (Brosnan, Connery, Craig, etc) or as other characters from the Bond universe and maybe even some villains. But that is just my personal feeling and no one would say anything about what the multiplayer will include.

This title is serious business. They used amazingly high tech to motion capture the likenesses of Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and others. There has been a high level of interaction between the developers and the makers of Bond. It resulted in some difficult business meetings between them because they both are dedicated to having the best Bond game experience ever. The bar that the Goldeneye game set is going to be nothing compared to the level this title is placing things at. So prepare for Quantum of Solace and the best James Bond game experience that you have ever imagined because the world is not enough and there are some surprises yet to be revealed about a title that is already looking to be one of the top 5 games of the year.


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1shot1kill, Author
007 Nightfire wasnt too bad of a bond title. Single player was kinda iffy but the multiplayer rocked socks.
 Posted 2008-08-26 07:54:48
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