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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Monday, 02 October 2006


Below is a press release we received from Envizions, Inc. today. Look for our interview with Derrick Samuels, CEO of Envizions, Inc., coming soon.

Envizions Computer Entertainment Announces EVO: CONNECT Multi-Media Network Service Partners with Limelight Networks for Digital Delivery For Immediate Release

ANNISTON, Ala./EWORLDWIRE/Oct 3, 2006 --- Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation today announced that its EVO: CONNECT multi-media network service is scheduled to launch in November of this year in conjunction with it's next generation multi-media entertainment system EVO: Phase One.

EVO: Connect provides interactive content such as playable PC games, exclusive game demos, media, music downloads and premium EVO programming clips. Additional planned features include social networking and subscriber video upload. EVO: CONNECT is offered at no charge to owners of the EVO: Phase One system. Envizions has partnered with Limelight Networks for delivery of digital media content to EVO owners.

"EVO: CONNECT will allow subscribers the ability to download/stream an array of media /game content anytime," said Derrick Samuels, CEO of Envizions. "Limelight Network provides the high performance content delivery network that ensures our customers enjoy a quick and enriched media experience via the EVO media entertainment system."

To read more about the EVO, follow this link.

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