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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Friday, 16 May 2008

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Believe it or not, I made this title up before even finding out that this game involves two former lovers reuniting.  I then started to wonder if they named the game The Protector for the same reason.

Gingerbread Studios released info today about their upcoming PC and Xbox 360 game, The ProtectorThe Protector features both combat and stealth in a first and third person view.  This is achieved thorough the use of centering on two extremely different characters.

Jonathan Kane is an ex-MI6 agent now a British mercenary who is skilled in the way of the modern warrior.  The feme fatale, Jennifer Guile, is an archaeologistand therefore, must sneak around and be stealthy.  Together they must thwart the terrorist group known as Scarlet Vengeance from finding a powerful Aztec artifact.  Only Ms. Guile knows its location thus prompting the Scarlet Vengeance to track her down after they have killed her father. 

Being lovers on a two year hiatus, it seems as though Jonathan is compelled to protect Jennifer.  The Aztec world they battle through provides cover points for both friend and foe.  The Protector's physics allow objects to be destroyed and shattered into pieces including being able to shoot through walls and be shot at through walls.  The AI is no dummy, sitting out in the open waiting to be shot; they will take cover just as you do while seeing and hearing just like you do.  To top off what already sounds like a believable battlefield is the interactive world with people ready to react to their surroundings and situations.

No word yet on when to expect it and quite frankly I am not sure if it will sneak its way onto shelves or come out shooting.



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