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Written by SuperGuido   
Thursday, 21 June 2007

[News] [PC]

YES! For those of you who are far too lazy to even climb out of your pajama pants before going to that morning Western Civ class, this game is for you.

Topware Interactive announced that the well detailed and innovative lifestyle simulation game Campus will be coming to North America on 4.September.2007

An adventure and action based lifestyle simulation that will truly captivate the fans of this genre. Set in an international college environment where you can transfer from one country to the the next - Campus is a game that will captivate everyone from the novice to the most avid gamers.

* Adds more gameplay components than other games in the genre such as quests, mini-games, puzzles, and adventures.

* Having sites all over the world gives Campus a well rounded, international, and virtually endless gaming experience for the user.

* Social interaction engine is state of the art and developed solely for Campus and not and add-on to an existing game.

* First week of September back to school launch date makes this a must have title and will ship initially with a funny back to school guide

So pack your car, say goodbye to the family, and register for the most fun filled simulation gaming experience to date.

Not to mention pick up a 12-pack of the Beast, some duct tape, permanent markers and of course, that pot plant for your dorm room. Oh wait, that's just Americans at university isn't it?

Hold on a tick, there are other games in this genre? You mean I could have been digitally puking off the balcony of women's dorm while wearing pink panties on my head already?! Damn, I need to keep up on things.

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