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Home News Be Sure to Get the Real Stuff When You "Overdose"
Be Sure to Get the Real Stuff When You "Overdose" Print E-mail
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Written by CigDangle   
Friday, 22 June 2007

[News] [PC]
Mindware Studios, Czech/USA/Italian Company located in Prague, Czech Republic, announced today that the previously released trailer for Overdose, a community created mod for the acclaimed first person shooter: PainKiller from Dreamcather Interactive, was unofficial, and unauthorized footage "intended solely for a press presentation held earlier this month". They went on to verbally slap the hand of whomever released ther footage, saying, "It is always unfortunate when accredited representatives do not respect the hard work of others or the positions they themselves hold."

In addition, they have released an "official trailer" for Overdose, which you can see below.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 22 June 2007 )

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