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August NPD Sales Numbers
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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Friday, 12 September 2008

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So exactly how well did video game consoles sell last month?  What console is the King of August?  What game schooled the rest?  All these questions can be answered with some statistics from the NPD group.

Hardware Unit Sales

Nintendo DS                   518.3 Thousand
Wii                                  453.0 Thousand
PlayStation Portable       253.0 Thousand
Xbox 360                        195.2 Thousand
PlayStation 3                  185.4 Thousand
Playstation 2                   144.1 Thousand

Looks like the Xbox 360 is still beating the PS3.  The Wii is still beating both the PS3 and the Xbox 360.  Surprise, surprise as the Nintendo DS beats all.  When I play Rock, Paper, Scissor, I throw a NDS.

SKU Sales

360 MADDEN NFL 09                      1 Million
PS3 MADDEN NFL 09                    643    Thousand
PS2 MADDEN NFL 09                    424.5 Thousand
WII WII FIT                                      394.9 Thousand
WII MARIO KART                            328.7 Thousand
WII WII PLAY W/ REMOTE              200.2 Thousand
360 SOUL CALIBUR IV                   174.0 Thousand
360 TOO HUMAN                           168.2 Thousand
WII MADDEN NFL 09                      115.8 Thousand
NDS GUITAR HERO: ON TOUR      111.2 Thousand

Want me to do a little math for you?  There are over two million copies of Madden NFL 09 sold between all the consoles.  That's astounding combined with the fact that it takes four spots in the top ten, three of those at the top.  Must be a popular game!


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