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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Thursday, 01 November 2007


The souls of the dead have found their way onto the next plane of existence and life continues on. The children are (or will be this weekend) full of candy and millions of ghosts, pirates, ninjas and Spider-Men have hung up their costumes for yet another year.

 But things here at Generation: Gamerz are changing. As the Northern Hemisphere goes to sleep in preparation for winter we here are becoming more and more active. Starting next week with Video Game Ratings Awareness week.

Next week we will highlight five of the major videogame rating systems across the globe to prepare everyone for the upcoming holiday season. With more games available than ever before it is important to pay attention to what you are buying for yourself, others and especially children. Our articles next week will arm you with the most powerful weapon you can have, information.

 Additionally, next week begins our new publishing schedule and you will begin to see our new weekly features showing up. To kick things off will be Mobile Monday -Take the Weekend With You, every Monday we will highlight one of the latest mobile phone games and offer our thoughts on it. Some weeks maybe a preview, some a full review and sometimes we might just talk about a game that is coming soon. But we will be aiming to do a new mobile game every Monday.

Tuesdays will see Top Five Tuesdays where we take a look at a topic each week and allow you the readers to decide the Top 5. Anything from villains to heroes, genres, consoles, women of gaming and anything else we can think of.

Then on Wednesdays we will be graced with the presence of the first female writer for Generation: Gamerz as newly recruited Alison will take on casual gaming with Hump Day Blues. The feature will look into a game a week that you can play on your lunch break, in your browser window of just when you generally have some free time. This is the evolution of the old Flash Game of the Week from last year which we very much liked and was popular. I trust you will all welcome Alison warmly.

Thursdays are still open but we have a 1000 Mini-GamerPrimes calculating solutions to the problem and hopefully we will have a new idea for a Thursday weekly feature. If you are interested in contributing and have an idea, contact us. 

To round out the week we will harken back to the days of yore with Retro FriDave featuring our friend and prior contributor FarmerDave. FarmerDave will take a look at Ye Olde Gaming Scene every week including actual coin-op arcade games, the good old days of gaming and generally anything that's not very new but once was.

 That's not all though my friends. We will still be bringing you all the latest news, game reviews, release information and everything else that we have been doing this pat year plus.

Monday: North American Wii Virtual Console Releases

Tuesday: Game Release Run Down

Wednesday: Xbox Live Arcade Releases

Thursday: PlayStation Network Releases

Friday: PAL Territories Wii Virtual Console Releases

Later in November you can keep an eye out for  for the Holiday Shopping Guides. We have been stockpiling gear, games and more and are better positioned this year to give you the lowdown on everything the gamer in your life might like for Christmas and more. We will cover games, gaming gear, child appropriate items, anime and manga and more. So when you can't find that right gift for that special someone be sure to stop in here.

Finally to round out the year and say thank you again to all the faithful readers we will be holding the first ever Generation: Gamerz 13 Days of Christmas Contest

You know how much I like contests and I am working to make this the biggest and best contest ever with a full THIRTEEN DAYS OF PRIZES! The contest will be easy and open to everyone 18 and older.

Thank you for being here and we hope you continue to enjoy the site. If you are interested in being more involved we at Generation: Gamerz are always interested in speaking with like-minded gamers who want to contribute. So drop us a line.

The Generation: Gamerz Editorial Staff 

Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick

Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri 

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