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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Monday, 24 December 2007

SInce I already covered gaming hardware and software and anime and manga I thought I would have one last guide before I started working on my egg nog coma. Today's listing will be brief and varied as I want to cover a great deal of things before the reindeer come home. 

Guido's Gift Guide of Random Stuff

Diner Dash Series:

GameLab and Brighter Minds Media have had a huge success with this casual gaming series. Hell even I have been playing one of the titles lately. Originally developed for the PC, ported to mobile phones and rumors are circulating about an Xbox Live version. Versions have been created for the PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS platforms.

You play Flo, who has ditched her boring desk job and is now rolling up her sleeves and setting out to build her own empire of high-class restaurants.

Flo will have to move fast to master the art of Diner Dash! Seat your customers speedily, keep them happily fed and watch the tips and profits roll in!





  • 42 collectable Funkeys
  • New games in each Zone
  • Earn coins to buy items & customize your “crib”
  • Share your crib with friends online

 Age: 8+ (but I had fun as well)


We got a handful of these from Mattel and I started playing to write about them. Essentially they are a USB hub with multiple attachments that are other characters in the Funkeys world. But these are just the hardware to get into a video game world for children full of casual games which are all familiar (like Funk Jongg).

Gameplay involves players placing figures in the Hub, which in turn appear in the game. Each figure, when connected to the hub, allows players to unlock new areas of the game. The Hub is purchased in the starter pack with two of the collectible figures. It is required to play the game.

Funkeys are small, colorful characters that inhabit Funkeytown, in a virtual world called Terrapinia. Players navigate a number of zones and portals where they play games to earn coins. With their coins they can buy items to customize their homes, referred to as "cribs" in the game.

Each Funkey acts like a key that grants access to new zones in the game. Users progress through the game as they collect different figures. In its first edition, Funkeys consist of 14 "species" or "tribes" of Funkeys with the following names: Xener, Bones, Vroom, Deuce, Sprout, Stitch, Glub, Fallout, Wasabi, Lotus, Scratch, Twinx, Tiki, and Boggle. There are also more. Each of these tribes is also divided into three categories: Normal, Rare, and Very Rare. 

DVD Based Games:

I mentioned Brighter Minds Media earlier and we reviewed their Marvel Breakout DVD Game in the past. But they have a few others that are cool including Jurassic Park Explorer.

 Rediscover the classic family adventure of Jurassic Park in this DVD board game. With any DVD remote control, you can turn game night into dinosaur action! Be the first to make it to the end of the board while stopping along the way for specific dinosaur-related challenges on the DVD. Test your dinosaur knowledge as you come face to face with Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, and many others. No need to search for something to do on rainy afternoons or monotonous summer days - explore the lost world of Jurassic Park! This is one of those games that children will love to play over and over again, I mean who doesn't love DINOSAURS!

 Weighted Companion Cube:

While playing Portal I fell in love with the weighted companion cube though I did, without blinking the second time, throw it into the incinerator. Well then I was reading Game Informer and found out that I could have one of my very own, well two actually. Valve is selling a fuzzy dice-like pair of them for $29.95 from the Valve Store.


 Omega Supreme:

Look here old schoolers, Entertainment Earth has a massive Transformers statue of the biggest Transformer ever, Omega Supreme . You might remember him as being the transforming City. Older than the oldest Autobots, the enormous Omega Supreme was a mindless Guardian Robot before evolving sentience and the ability to transform into a giant base of operations. Standing over 12-inches tall, this imposing Transformer statue is sculpted by Art Asylum and in scale with the classic G-1 toys. Only 1,000 made and only $200!

 Doctor Who:

I have been watching this series since the late 1970's and was crushed when it was cancelled and elated when it returned. Now  when I can't watch the show I can simply carry on the eternal struggle against evil at home with these toys from Entertainment Earth. Of course to do so I need the TARDIS, the time and space travel machine used by the Doctor.It's a 6-inch tall replica. 

 You're in charge of this Dalek! This terrifically detailed 12-inch tall radio control Black Dalek features 360-degree movement, automated head and eye movement, poseable gun and arm, flashing lights, and speech that includes 7 updated phrases.


This short-lived and wildly-popular series even managed to pull me in. But anything with good writing, interesting stories and character development generally does that. So what better way to show my belief that 'you can't take the sky from me.' than with my very own Serenity . Of course we don't want the reavers to know so we need to disguise the ship and then hide it on the Christmas tree.


We have a lot of other things from Brighter Minds and Mattel that we will be talking about in the future. They were very excited when we told them we wanted to talk about their products and we just like to get free stuff and play with it, video games or not. But more importantly, we want to help you, the readers, make good buying decisions both content-wise as well as value-wise. We all work hard for our money and we should get the best value we can out of it which is difficult at times.

So that's all from me. Let the Egg nog flow!

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night! Safe Flight Santa Claus!


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