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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 19 December 2007


As I have been traveling non-stop for the last 18 days I have not had time to sit down and manage anything including much of the work I am supposed to be doing here regularly. But now that I have finally landed back stateside for a couple weeks I am going to take care of a few things I should have done, starting with a gift guide for gamers, anime fans and fun-loving people in general. So let's get to the gifts!

Today I thought I would take a look at some newer gaming hardware that has come out and would make great stocking stuffers, under the tree presents or gifts all around. The list covers the gamut of gaming hardware and gift costs.

Gaming Hardware Gift Guide Part 1

When I want to game I want to game BIG, I mean REALLY BIG and so when I saw this unit I instantly knew it had to be at the top of the Gaming Hardware Gift Guide. Though I don't know many people who can afford it for themselves, let alone as a gift for someone else, but behold my friends, the Dreamcade Vision 120. It is possibly the ultimate in pre-assembled gaming rigs. The Vision 120 comes complete and ready to play with more than 145 classic arcade games, including all of your favorite classic games from Atari, Midway, Namco, Digital Leisure, and Capcom as well more than 7,000 classic console games. The system also supports Nintendo's Wii console and even includes a wireless sensor bar.

. High powered projector - Bright enough for daytime use!
. 120-inch Portable projection screen - makes it simple to set up, move, and store
. Dreamcade 2.0 Gaming PC - modern PC games can be played using authentic arcade controls
. More than 145 classic arcade games including Ms. Pac-man, Centipede, Dig Dug, and many more.
. Free year's subscription to more than 7,000 classic console games via Console Classix, including games for Atari, ColecoVision, NES, SuperNES, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Sega GameGear, and GameBoy.
. Component and HDMI video inputs for your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii for the ultimate in modern gaming as well as classic arcade games.

 Retail Price: $3999


Arcade Control Panel Features:
. Lighted trackball - For authentic gaming action on games like Centipede and Missile Command
. Spinner - To play retro classics like Warlords, Breakout and Pong
. Full arcade control panel with additional side buttons allows playing nearly any game from Street fighter to MAME pinball as well as modern games and classic console games through Console Classix
. Removable control panel - Gives you the ultimate versatility

 From the biggest of the big to the smallest of the small. It's not the size of the screen that counts but how you use it, and Nintendo has been showing us how to use it in new ways for a long time. But they know a good thing when they have it and the DS is indeed a good thing with over 1.5 million units sold last month alone. Coming in at a reasonable $129 - $199 the bundles on store shelves now give not only the (now classic) dual-screen, stylus-controlled touch-ability of the 'Touch Generation' but a smile that will last for months to come. I still carry my old big clunky DS and use it now for music, e-books, videos as well as games because it truly is all I need in a portable gaming system. Of course mine could use a paint job at this point but these new ones don't. Cast your eyes upon the two latest additions to the DS family, the Zelda (with Phantom HourGlass) Gold and NintenDogs Pink DS Lites. Additionally they recently gave us what is possibly one of the most popular color combinations ever in the world with the new Crimson & Black.

All three are available at


One more item today and then I need to get back to the real world. Taking a holiday and visiting the old hometown is a lot more work than I remember it being. Of course not having been home for around 2-3 years probably has a lot to do with it so let's get on with it.

Now not all gaming gear looks cool or fits in your pocket or takes up the entire living room. As a matter of fact this is none of the above but it does fall into 'wow that's damn cool' category, hence why it's in the list. Welcome to the ultimate in personal video/gaming devices. They say it's portable but I don't think I could sit in a plane with it on as everyone and their mother would be staring at me like I was a mental patient who probably believed aliens were very interested in the inner workings of my rectum. I am of course talking about the HeadPlay Personal Cinema System, This is a visual headset and multi-media center that provides an immersive, visually stunning cinematic viewing experience for both game and movie enthusiasts, a no-compromises mobile entertainment experience. Of course there's a major price tag to go with the three part system.
The Liberator
The Liberator is both the brains and the heart of the Personal Cinema System. It accepts a composite video, component video and S-video signal in the formats of NTSC and PAL. The Liberator runs the software for managing the system and allows for reading and displaying content through its Compact Flash slot or two USB host ports. It enjoys universal connectivity, making it compatible with virtually any device that has video out, including video game consoles, DVD players, PCs, and portable media players. Just plug and play, with no special drivers required.

Retail Price: $499-549

Website: HeadPlay 


The Visor
The Visor, or headset, is worn by the user and displays a virtual 52-inch screen, providing an immersive, movie theatre-like experience.  The Visor has been designed to provide the ultimate in style and comfort for extended wear and viewing. It also allows for the simultaneous use of a game controller or keyboard.  Incorporating amazing optical technologies, the Visor will support various resolution levels up to 1024 X 768. HEADPLAY's patented technology delivers separate but identical images to each eye via a single LCoS micro-display, thereby helping to eliminate eye-strain.

The Navigator
The Navigator is a connected remote control that allows the user to select and control content and screen settings. It also serves as the connection point for the Personal Cinema System's high-performance, noise-suppression ear-buds or a listening device of your choice.

Like I said at the beginning, it's a wide-ranging list and we've just begun. I'll be continuing all the way through the last couple days of the Christmas shopping season just in case you need a few last minute ideas. Of course I doubt many of our readers can actually even afford some of the stuff on the list but it's fun to dream isn't it?

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 December 2007 )

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