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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Tuesday, 08 April 2008

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There is no double stuffed arcade listings today, simply one polarized game and one smash of an add-on. 

1-2 players, Local/LIVE Co-Op - Rated E - 800 points - Treasure

Treasure's award-winning scrolling shooter brings a tactical twist to the genre with its yin-and-yang gameplay: the color of your ship determines your effect on enemies. In this polarized system, enemy ships and their bullets are one of two colors. Attack an enemy of the opposite color for extra damage. Absorb enemy fire of the same color as your ship, and use the energy for a special attack. Destroy multiple enemies of the same color to score a chaining bonus. Play solo or cooperatively, and use your polarity to achieve victory!  View the entire polarized gallery.

  • Co-op play: Multiplayer support for two-player co-op offline or over Xbox LIVE allows you to clear the levels with a friend.
  • Video replay: Record your best moves and replay them to awe your friends.
  • Arcade shoot-'em-up action: Five full classic and exciting levels are coupled with twelve new achievements to master


Downloadable Content

Poker Smash
Rated E - 100 points

Independent developer Void Star Creations unveils two new downloadable content packs for their hit Xbox LIVE Arcade title, Poker Smash today. The new content includes two Action Mode Environments in the Environment Pack and an additional 15 Puzzles in the Puzzle Pack, giving Poker Smash players a total of 13 immersive environments and 70 mind bending puzzles. The Poker Smash Environment Pack and Puzzle Pack will each be available for 100 Microsoft Points.


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