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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Wednesday, 28 May 2008

[News] [X360]

Certainly everyone must be getting over the latest GTA game because there are two new Xbox Live Arcade games out this week and one of them even comes with a contest attached.

Xbox Live Arcade

Buku Sudoku
1-4 Players / 2-8 Players via Live - Rated E - 800 points - Merscom

2528444710_f0dafca66e_o If you think a sudoku game couldn't offer much you'd be dead wrong.  The native HD resolution of the Xbox 360 allows players to easily read the grid and their pencil marks.  The controller is setup for an extremely fast entry method, something that is usually a barrier for electronic suduko games.  Last but not least, how often is there a chance to have a multiplayer experience with suduko?  Last time I checked, newspapers were made for one person to use at a time. 

If that is not enough, Merscom is even2527623571_b825dc6fdf_o sponsoring a contest with In two weeks a drawing will be held with all the people who earned all 200 achievement points and signed up.  The winner receives a 40" LCD television and 5 runner ups will score a copy of Scene-It? Lights, Camera, Action for the Xbox 360 with four  big button controllers. Details can be found at


1-4 Players - Rated E - 400 Points - Stainless Games

2528486620_398c5a5012_o Atari's classic multiplayer coin-op experience hits the arcade today with Stainless Games’ remake.  Jump in to a fireball deflecting, castle defending, paddle controlled game.  Not only do you have to try to deflect the impending missiles from hitting your castle but it needs to be done in a manner that it ricochets off and into you2527665461_66d9e18655_or enemies’ area.  The pumping soundtrack and popping graphics should surely keep you from making faces over the camera as this game is Vision enabled.  The splendor has returned and has brought its friends, twelve fresh achievements ready for you to pound into the ground.


Xbox Originals 

Oops...missed this one from last week:

Stubs the Zombie in Rebel Without a PulseStubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
1-2 Players, Rated M, 1200 Points, Wideload Games, 2005

Meet Edward "Stubbs" Stubblefield in Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse. During the Great Depression, he was a down-on-his-luck traveling salesman. Now it's 1959 and he's a zombie with an insatiable hunger for human brains. How could this happen?

The answer lies buried somewhere in Punchbowl, Pennsylvania, a high-tech "City of the Future" built by the world's richest man. Punchbowl is a paradise of hovercars and helper robots, where crime and pollution simply don't exist. It's the perfect city: safe, clean, and convenient. Stubbs can't wait to move in … and have the last laugh on humanity. Indulge your appetite for vengeance … and brains.

  • Be the zombie: Play as Stubbs the Zombie and conquer the retro-futuristic city of Punchbowl.
  • Possess the living: Use any weapon in the game—machine gun, bazooka, sniper rifle, and more, by clamping your severed hand onto the gunman's head.
  • Build a zombie horde: Convert your enemies into undead allies and lead a zombie assault upon the living.
  • Use your body as a weapon: Hurl gut grenades, spit zombie sputum, and unleash unholy flatulence to bring down your foes.


Downloadable Content

Army of Two
Available tomorrow are two new campaign maps and an enhanced versus map sponsored by Pontiac.  Delve into the underground subway station in Kiev to locate and destroy the hub of a militia.  Take a trip back to Miami to take vengeance out on the ex-boss of the SSC that set the two up in the first place.  Duke it out two on two in the China Canal Lock map and destroy new interactive environments that are only available in the Veteran Map Pack.

Rock Band
Each track will be available for 160 MS Points or 1200 MS Points for the album.

The Cars - "The Cars" album
  • "Good Times Roll"
  • "My Best Friend's Girl"
  • "Just What I Needed"
  • "I'm in Touch with Your World"
  • "Don't Cha Stop"
  • "You're All I've Got Tonight"
  • "Bye Bye Love"
  • "Moving in Stereo"
  • "All Mixed Up”

(All nine tracks utilize the original master recordings)



Supreme Commander DemoSupreme Commander: The Game Demo

Download the free Supreme Commander demo now from Xbox Live and experience strategy gaming redefined for Xbox 360. The single-player demo introduces console gamers to Chris Taylor's award-winning RTS that lets them play as one of three unique factions struggling to win the Infinite War.

Players will experience first-hand the game's easy, intuitive control scheme and user interface that were designed from the ground up for large scale warfare on the Xbox 360.

The Supreme Commander demo offers two modes of play. Learn to pilot your Armored Command Unit, build a base and command your army using the revolutionary Strategic Zoom in the Tutorial Mode. Then put your skills to the test in the Skirmish Game Mode and lead the Aeon Illuminate faction to battle against an AI opponent with all technology and devastating weapons at your disposal.

To experience RTS gaming on an epic scale pre-order Supreme Commander before it hits stores on July 1.

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