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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Friday, 21 March 2008

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Just one title for European Union and Australia VC gamers today, but it is from one of my favorite developers, Factor 5.


Mega Turrican
Mega Drive - 1 Player - Rated 7+ - 800 Points - Factor 5 - 1994

The Machine has enslaved the galaxy under its tyrannical rule. As Bren McGuire, the last survivor of the United Freedom Forces, it is your duty to destroy the evil forces of the Machine that have devastated the galaxy.

Fight through countless hordes of enemies using everything at your disposal. Use the weapons and powerups of your Turrican Assault Suit, including the incredible Plasma Rope, to fight back the tide of oncoming enemies and find the health and powerups that will keep you alive. Fifteen levels of chaos and destruction stand between you and freedom. You are the galaxy’s last hope. Are you up to the challenge?


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