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Hump Day Blues: Casual Game of the Week - Turkey X-Mas Print E-mail
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Written by Alison "TheGirl" Richards   
Wednesday, 05 December 2007

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 Sick of leftovers?  Has the turkey and stuffing started to grow green things that aren't really supposed to exist inside your fridge?  No, that's probably not a green Jell-O mold sitting on the third shelf, my friend.

If you think this is bad, just think about all those turkeys left over at the farms, getting fat and walking around their pens, laughing at the unfortunate ones who got cooked or deep fried - mmmmm, deep fried turkey...

What?  Oh yeah.  Game.

So anyway, the Edis Brothers have figured out the perfect way to put these egotistical birds to good use.  And no, we're not bowling with them.

Instead, we're going to fling them!  Yes, welcome to Turkey X-Mas: A Festive Fling.  Pull your turkey back, fling him out and start flapping his wings.  Be sure to grab corn, crackers and special space-bound presents to keep those wings going, otherwise you're going to dive bomb at the ground below.

The key is distance.  The further you can get the turkey to fly, the more points you get.  Those bonuses adding up also help.  The flap meter is on the left side; use it to see how many flaps your bird has before you start your firey crash to the ground.  And yes, if you go fast enough, you will create a crater. 

Avoid the snowballs, however, as they will stop your turkey and send him crashing down below.

Then, for the grand finale, you get to try and aim the turkey for a bonus landing.  There are 17 special landings, each one a different set of bonus points as well as amusing animations.  I've gotten about 6 of them in my... research... for this article.  The Christmas Tree is by far my favorite.  However, I have yet to find any of the hidden ones, so if you find one, let me know!

My top score is 63,665.  I expect SuperGuido to have a better score than me almost immediately, but see if you can beat that!  Until next week...

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