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It began with a game console that offered PONG. (Were they even called consoles back in 1980?) TurboGoat's parents never bought the same system as everyone else, so it was PONG, but not really PONG. That electronic marginalization continued with the VIC-20 when he was 8. While the Vic20 was the hot thing at that time…it would be the last time TurboGoat's parents stayed abreast of the latest in computing trends.

TurboGoat's computer and computer gaming education was a modest affair and came vicariously through friends and the public school system. Some friends had Commodore 64s, others had Amigas. He favored the Amiga because it was a step up in graphics from the Commodore 64s and all of the early game consoles from Atari. On the Amiga he played Test Drive, Rocket Ranger, and "a game where you could dogfight using an F-16". Microsoft Flight Simulator was released for the Amiga at that time, and he took off from Meigs Field many times. Later in life, he was able to realize his boyhood fantasies, arriving and departing at that very same airport. (Sadly, it is now closed.)

TurboGoat was introduced to the PC in the Mid-80s via a middle school computer club (which was really a chance to play video games as opposed to learning the deeper concepts of computers). As for consoles, TurboGoat never advanced beyond that first PONG clone. By the time he joined the "Nintendo Revolution" (acquiring his first NES), 3 years into college, the gaming world had moved on. (See his column, Fast Food Gamer, for a description of his gamer mooching childhood.)

Fortunately, the futility of TurboGoat's efforts to enjoy gaming up to this point has not crushed his gaming spirit. The need for escapism still exists and he has closed the technology gap thanks to the likes of CigDangle and SuperGuido. While game creators look to dazzle the hardcore gamers like you, they still have to move units. For that they will need the rest…the Unwashed Masses. TurboGoat speaks for them here.

Turbogoat grew up in Madison, Wisconsin USA. He holds a BS in Aviation-Professional Flight and is currently Chief Pilot of a corporate flight department based in Illinois. In between flying jobs, Turbogoat worked as a radio journalist for a time in the Pacific Northwest. He edits several monthly newsletters and has published a children’s book.

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