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13 Dayz of Christmas Winners List Print E-mail
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Thursday, 13 December 2007

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13 Dayz of Christmas Contest Winners List

Sponsors include: CCP, Ignition Entertainment, Shrapnel Games, Ojom Mobile Games,
Xider, Brighter Minds Media, The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) and more...


On the First day of Christmas we gave this:

Generation: Gamerz T-shirt (supplied by US!)

Ojom T-shirt (supplied by Ojom Mobile Games)

Bleach, Vol. 7 (DVD) (compliments of Generation: Gamerz, supplied for review by VIZ Media)

Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the Wii supplied by Ignition Entertainment

ECA Logo Pin  (Supplied by the Entertainment Consumers Association)

To: Popliteal (Dan)

Here's his entry (edited for content much longer than expected as well but fun nonetheless):

December 25th, 2006.

The house is silent, I roll around in my bed, gunk still in my eyes from the long night recently passed. I look up at the clock, it's bright red lights read 9:04. What the hell?! I slept in passed 6:30 on Christmas?! This day's going to be awesome, I just know it!

I roll out of bed and see my stocking laying on my computer chair (being 20 and still getting a stocking is ****in' sweet), this day continues to get better.
As I start to unpack the oversized sock, I notice something oddly game shaped in there. I'm about to piss myself with excitement. I tear it open excitedly and it's....
...Burger King's "Big Bumpin'"... what the ****?

Somewhat confused, but not brought down I toss the case open, and pop it in my 360. It's a bumper car game, I guess it could be worse. I start playing around with it for half an hour or so, and I could see it as a good time waster, to pass the lonely college nights.

At around this time my sister walks into the room, she sees what's on the tv and asks if she can play. Now I think to myself, this is a 22 year old girl who probably has never touched a 360 controller and most likely wants to play because she can be a massive burger driving a bumper car, this'll be a quick easy confidence booster, so I says to her, I says, sure. And toss her my second controller... that's gone down in history as the world's third worst mistake.

Everything starts off well, she seems to be having fun, whatev, the first few games go by and I'm "teaching" her how to play, and there's laughs all around. Then she sees there's a hockey mode, and selects that as the next round.
In big Bumpin' hockey, they separated the two players, and give them each an NPC partner, so it's her and some chick in red called Jill, and me and some chick in pink who's name I've stricken from my memory (who we'll from now on call "The Pink").
The game starts, and Jill immediately takes the puck and launches it at my net, luckily I'm there to save, it bounces off me, and I see the pink heading towards it, so I move to the side for a possible pass. She launches it forward, it bounces off a bumper, and goes directly into our own net... bad start.
It continues in this sort of way with Jill being the Red Wings, and myself and The Pink being the Maple Leafs. By the end of the first game the score is 3-0 for the other side, with one goal on ourself and 2 from Jill. My sister, laughing, wants to play again. I agree, but decide it's time to step up.
The new game starts,(with our partners remaining the same for some reason) I fly out, smoke the puck, it bounces off my sister and into the net, YES!!! GOOAAALLLL, the puck respawns and Jill scores... b****. The puck respawns... and The Pink scores on our own net.... WHAT THE ****?!!?
This continued for 4 full games, with the cursing increasing exponentially with every game. It started to get so bad that my sister even got goals on me... I don't think that Christmas has ever heard the word "****" used in so many creative ways in such a short time period.

I guess the moral of the story here is.... um... there isn't really a moral, but to this day, almost a year later, I haven't touched that game again. I recommend you do the same

On the Second Day of Christmas We Gave This:

Generation: Gamerz T-shirt (supplied by US!)

Ojom T-shirt (supplied by Ojom Mobile Games)

  EVE Online Prize Pack including:

  • EVE Online baseball cap
  • EVE Online Tranquility Poster
  • 50 Day Gametime Card
  ECA Logo Sticker (Entertainment Consumers Association)

To: Alexmaster - Alexander Gikas Peterson

 For his, (surprisingly) EVE Online related Christmas entry:

It was when it was Christmas on EVE Online and all had snowballs launchers. My corpmates and i put the snowballs launchers on and jumped out and started to shoot on everyone :)and on World of Warcraft i buyed some snowballs and started to throw on my cousin ^^ here is my Gaming Christmas Story.

 We never said the stories had to be long and involved, just about Christmas and gaming. Congratulations. Now that you all see how easy it is to win I'll expect to be reading a load of new entries. We are taking entries until the end of the contest you know.

Remember, there's still another EVE Online pack in the prizes but we're holding that back until Christmas EVE Online. So all you EVE players better get your entries in. 

On the Third day of Christmas we gave this:

  • Generation: Gamerz T-shirt (supplied by US!)
  • Ojom T-shirt (supplied by Ojom Mobile Games)
  • Hula Girls (DVD) ( (compliments of Generation: Gamerz, supplied for review by VIZ Media)
  • Flipper Critters for the DS supplied by Ignition
  • Entertainment ECA Logo Pin (Supplied by the Entertainment Consumers Association)

To:  snorkle256 (Matt Nolan) (lucky dog won another of our contests!)

Hot damn Snorkle! you lucky bastard!

I can't remember the year but it was a Christmas as usual for us. My brother and I awoke early as our tradition dictated to get a jump on opening gifts. Of course is wasn't until we roused our parents and our dad had his coffee that we were allowed to tear open the boxes. I had a nice big(ish) one, upon tearing open revealed a nice (used) N64. Now this was a first for us, until then we were stuck playing games at friends houses and the like. I quickly set it up like a mad man on crack. I read every single manual that came with it just to make sure I didn't break anything. Wait a minute though, where are the games? Thats right, one of the smaller presents to me was Zelda. I don't think I need to mention what I spent doing for the rest of winter break.


On the Fourth day of Christmas we gave this:

  • Generation: Gamerz T-shirt (supplied by US!)
  • Ojom T-shirt (supplied by Ojom Mobile Games)
  • Naruto, Vol. 18 (DVD) - An Unrivaled Math ( (compliments of Generation: Gamerz, supplied for review by VIZ Media)
  • Flipper Critters for the DS supplied by Ignition
  • Entertainment ECA Logo Pen (Supplied by the Entertainment Consumers Association)
  • PlayStation 3 Logo Flexfit Cap

To:  ecodelsol (dee vanpoollen)

this year I was all ready to play the new trinity Eve-online that came out on Dec 5 or 6, I can't remember. So I install the new patch, plus the premium version so I could have superb graphical experiences. So I launch EVE and all my ships an stations are white as snow and the background of stars is still there. Woot!, so what happens next is my Video card overheats withing 20 seconds, the computer freezes, and I have to turn off the computer and reboot, so to speak. When I'm back on the computer I go to Eve website and there is a big notice that anyone who downloaded patch before 0400 should not REBOOT. Oops. Anyway, I've spent alot of hours trying to get this new version to work, and it's going pretty good, except I have to use a hypodermic syringe with 3 in 1 oil to keep my fan going on vid card. I ordered another card 2 weeks ago and YAY, it is in the mail. I'm going to the post office right now and pick up this vid card, insert it, and play premium deluxe EVE-ONLINE. YAY. Thanks CCP for all your hard work and silly mistakes.

Love Eco delSol


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