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2nd October, 2012

The new graphics engine of BeamNG is formidable

BeamNG a company intended to create physical and virtual three-dimensional designs created a new highly realistic graphics engine. This new engine is based on the collision between cars and shows incredible effects while overall very correct physics. The new system BeamNG has amazing videos that suggest whether we are to see some of these effects in the next game. 

Game graphics engines: 

The graphics engines today are far from providing such real vehicle collisions, at least the graphics engine used in the game. Games like GTA 4 or Saints Row: The Third is examples of good design but not good overall mechanical and realistic effects. Despite showing excellent detail and cars with light kits, excellent details and relieves them have no real effect, or physically successful when running into a wall at high speed. 

The new graphics engine of BeamNG: 

The new graphics engine built by the guys at BeamNG presents an incredible physical reality for the movement and collision of vehicles. In the videos placed in the article you will see not only the high degree of realism of collisions, but also that walking has the same real attitudes based on good construction of the different parts of the vehicles. 

The graphics engine that works with today are divided into two types: "Rigid Body Simulators" and "Soft Body Simulators". As expected the new graphics engine BeamNG belongs to the latter group. The difference between these two types of graphics engines is that the former construct their objects as if they were a single piece, it takes some real values ​​in which it could work, but it is used because it is much easier to manipulate the objects if they are a single piece. 

On the other hand the "Soft Body Simulators" build its objects as cars from various parts offering a combination of elements that can show more real and special effects. Each object has a different attitude and ownership that allows the same act with more accuracy to the laws of physics. 

This type of graphics engine more technical, specialized and detailed carries a basic problem: the high requirements that make the CPU run. It is clear that new computers can be with it but older devices and still present consoles which have several in the market may have some difficulty to make thousands of calculations necessary for each movement.

Honestly there are many games that could start using this engine more realistic graphics and efficient however as the limitations of the current consoles still present seems to be only for PC titles. 


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The new graphics engine of BeamNG is formidable

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