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14th July, 2012

The evolution of Indiana Jones in video games

Without doubt one of the most famous fictional characters of recent times, thanks mainly to the movies, was Indiana Jones. This adventurous bounty hunter and great archaeologist created by George Lucas, is one of the icons of film and modern history of the same. And it also has been, although not so created, the video game. Today we will review the evolution of Indiana Jones in the video games. 

The history of the relationship between Indy and video games dates back to the 80s. Yes, those times where there was nothing that exists today, those times where it was not even imaginable to tell stories with the degree of reality with which the current consoles and video games do. Let's see how Indy has changed in the virtual world over time. 

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark: 

The first Indiana Jones game was released in 1982, for the Atari 2600 and consisted mainly of an action game, with simple movements and pressed buttons, which was the maximum that the platform could offer. This was the beginning of Indy in the world of video games. 

2. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: 

With the success of the film released with the same name, this game was not one but three, as was edited in the form of action game twice (with a special edition for North America) and as an adventure game. The latter was one of the most successful in the producer George Lucas, and allowed Indy to have a new adventure in the same genre. 

3. Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis: 

One of the great landmarks in the genre of adventure games have been this game. An impeccable history, logic puzzles and difficult but with the possibility of having different endings depending on the decision we took was much more than any player had ever expected. 

4. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine: 

The last big bet in the franchise Indiana Jones has been this game. The best Tomb Raider style, but without the experience were the producers of this franchise, Lucas Arts attempted to create an Indy in three dimensions, and not fared so well. 

Indiana Jones is and will be an icon in the industry; however the latest games released under its name were not even a shadow of what were their predecessors.


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