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15th July, 2012

SimCity Social available for Facebook

The big day arrived. Amid great expectations was the major release of the demo version of SimCity Social for social networks Facebook. The promising delivery of Electronic Arts is now available free of charge after beating the bat phase of development. 

Good news for fans of the brand SimCity, who from July 5 can enjoy the main developments have been included in this groundbreaking edition. 

The part of SimCity Social debut: 

Social SimCity was one of the most pleasant surprises in the recent edition of E3 2012, offering a series of revealing pictures for a more complete picture of everything in store for us. A month after his presentation, interactive way of Electronic Arts has completed an extensive beta testing to achieve a successful gaming experience. 

The Facebook users have free access to the game page from the comfort of your browser. Social SimCity has been concerned with giving greater importance to a variety of custom options that are controlled by the player. 

With a graphical display more ambitious than the previous edition, Social SimCity PC platforms reach full version during the month of February 2013. For now you can experience the first major advances have been made ​​in the trial edition. 

First contact: 

Developed by the guys at Maxis, the highly anticipated title will have a minimal number of visually aesthetic attractions, plus the ability to master most extensive land, assuming the totalitarian administration of a cluster of buildings, including new models, buildings and shopping centers cities.


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15th July, 2012

SimCity Social available for Facebook

The big day arrived. Amid great expectations was the major »

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