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10th July, 2012

Beyond Two Souls: A drama become video game

It's really what this innovative new game, produced by Quantic Dream and Sony Entertainment, has to offer the world of virtual entertainment. It is a great story, through 15 years accompanying our hero, personified by a great actress who was paid for this game. 

We will explain that a little dramatic about this game, which will seek an explanation to what exists in the afterlife. This drama is Beyond Two Souls which become a video game. 

A compelling history: 

Jodie Holmes is a girl who will become women throughout the game and has the ability to see and interact with a human being who looks but does not know for sure if it is, or if alive. This kind of ghost, named Aiden, is a very special relationship with Jodie, so your interaction with this character is constant throughout the game's development. 

In this way we are united with a spiritual being, but in a rather complex way. As the story unfolds and the feelings and character of the characters is somewhat convoluted and complicated in the game, almost, almost as if it were real life. Jodie then sometimes feels good about their relationship with Aiden, while other times doubt of their identity and their real intentions. 

David Cage, the creative director of this masterpiece, has written the whole script by himself and was inspired by an experience itself, from a situation involving death and found it difficult to explain. This has been the result. The style of Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls is a story that promises much. 

Stellar performances: 

The star Jodie is played by the great actress Ellen Page (Juno), and all their emotions and movements have been captured to mimic exactly the actress who does. The dialogues also recorded with the actors at the same time, including up to six players at the same time in a recording studio. Ellen even has recorded several scenes where he walks and moves in different ways, making the movement that occurs in Jodie never be the same. 

No doubt after the great Heavy Rain, expectations about the new game from David Cage, for PlayStation 3, will be high. The release date is still a mystery, but we are waiting for this video game.


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Beyond Two Souls: A drama become video game

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