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31st August, 2012

Review of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor was one of the best promises that Microsoft offered for service Kinect, however, after its launch and its subsequent test events have shown that it is closer to being a failure than a glimmer of hope for users of body recognition system Xbox 360. 

Wonderful in theory: 

Yes, in theory Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is perhaps the best game in the world, in theory have a mech (or VT: Vertical Tank, as it is called in this game) and control it with your body movements and help control should be the best experience of gaming a player may have. 

Well, as we all know is never the same theory to practice, and sometimes in cases like this theory is very, very remote from the practice. All that theoretically promises Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor has failed in the game itself. With this we are not saying that the game is badly designed, but it does not have a leveling gameplay under these controls allow the experience fun. 

History and adventure: 

No to further bury this game we must say the story or plot of the same is not very satisfactory. The game tells of a world where a virus has destroyed all computers, and so the human has again based on the intrinsic mechanical. 

In the midst of a war against the armies Korean (North Koreans course) new vehicles to be used are those vertical tanks or VT for its acronym in English, which obviously are MechWarriors under another name. 

To return the computers: 

These VTs are nothing more than a piece of iron too much to handle. To handle control we use the Xbox as if it were a shooter video game classic, however, we will use our body thanks to Kinect to access different parts of the giant mechanical and talk to our colleagues. 

The fact is, shoot, point and perform other actions is a complication a little unrealistic for a video game. I agree that maybe if a metal creature of this kind there would be just as difficult, but not well put things like this in a game that does not give enough control, or can not give enough control to the proposed level of reality. On the other hand the difficulty level and a separate curve is a little odd, we can find almost impossible missions as missions extremely simple in any part of the campaign.


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