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8th August, 2012

The Little Mermaid is one of the greatest successes of the Disney Universe

Disney Interactive took advantage of the holiday season to show its old classics. And like the Little Mermaid is one of the greatest successes of the Disney Universe, it is not surprising to find more feature film adapted video game. 

The scenario of the game in question is in fact not only based on the story of the second film, contrary to what one might expect given the title. The app offers successively to embody Ariel, the little mermaid original in the Mermaid Games, and her daughter Melody, through ten levels containing the most significant places of the two films. The two heroines will in turn defeat the horrible witch Ursula and her wicked sister, so that peace reigns again in the ocean. 

Younger certainly rejoices to be able to rediscover the highlights of the film through the many movies which include the most striking passages in the history of Ariel. Most of the game takes place underwater logically, the main characters are provided with fins very convenient to operate in the ocean, but some levels are still more focused platform, especially when the little Melody is granted a pair legs quite cumbersome. 

The gameplay is not always excellent, but the game is easy enough to overcome all obstacles almost at once, and it evolves very pleasant in the manner of a dolphin on a rival console. The appearance adventure is unfortunately very limited; since the objects are useful to your progress will always find your way. Everything is done for the younger progressing smoothly, and the extreme ease of software can also be daunting one. 

The realization is, as with most Disney productions, very neat, and the sets are beautifully colored. The sound environment is also especially valuable because very faithful to the movie, and you will easily recognize the music and the voices of the feature film. The levels are pretty well thought out and the underground caverns are filled with secret passages. But the adventure is still a bit too linear, even if the game quite often alternates between passages of underwater and outdoor. You will even have to climb a huge tower, which gives rise to strong sympathetic effects of rotation. 

But it is time to address the crux of this test, the thing that makes this app a way not at all necessary, and that justifies the note. Indeed, despite the fifteen levels available, the game ends in just over an hour! Levels are actually very short and much too easy, especially since it benefits from continuous infinite. Of course, it will have to get back twice before to recover all the beads to open all the bonus levels, but it is a matter of minutes. After, you can always fall back on the two-player mode and you try the three bonus games available, but the interest of these mini-games is quite limited (a music game in the Jungle Book, which repeats the theme of "under ocean", a remake of bumper cars not very interesting, and a game where you must send bubbles to the surface of the water to lift objects). 

The Little Mermaid 2 would therefore have easily been an excellent title for youngsters if developers had bothered to add a few levels and include several modes of difficulty. Especially since this is not the two-player mode that will lengthen the lifespan of this title.


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