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10th August, 2011

Disclosed details of multiplayer Battlefield 3

It has unveiled a list of all the details of the multiplayer Battlefield 3 which includes all types of weapons and vehicles. The game will feature new multiplayer maps, four different classes, over 350 nameplates and six different game modes. In the section on engine characteristics, highlighting the destruction of the »

3rd August, 2011

Shown the four seasons of Storm

Entertainment Zoo shows us the four seasons (summer, autumn, spring and winter) Storm, a game of physics-based puzzles to be launched this summer on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC.Players control the time to grow the seeds to form trees, guiding them in an atmosphere of tranquility inspired by »

2nd August, 2011

Announced the promotion of reserves Dead Island

Deep Silver has announced what will consist of reserves of Dead Island campaign. Those who reserve the game before his departure depends on which chain stores do, get the sand pack (which includes new challenges in four types of different arenas), a metal box for the game or flip-flops for »

29th July, 2011

EA Sports unveils international covers FIFA 12

EA Sports has published who will be the soccer stars to appear in the different covers of each country's FIFA 12 and several of the images of the same.Wayne Rooney of Manchester United and Arsenal's Jack Wilshere will appear on the covers of UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and the »

27th July, 2011

Mirror's Edge 2 could use the engine of Battlefield 3

Electronic Arts and DICE may be working on a sequel to Mirror's Edge using the Frostbite engine 2, the same as that used in the development of Battlefield 3, according to the official PlayStation magazine for the UK market.It is not the first time that rumored with much emphasis on »

25th July, 2011

New details of Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi

Bandai Namco has revealed new details about the publisher of characters Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi. The characters that we believe we can use them in a special mode and online play, but will not be controllable in the story mode.Regarding the story mode, it is confirmed that we can »

24th July, 2011

Announced the contents of the Collector's Edition Assassin's Creed Revelations

Ubisoft has detailed the contents of the Collector's Edition Assassin's Creed Revelations. Currently two special editions were announced: "Collector's" and "animus". At the moment is known that they will come to United Kingdom on November 15. Edition "Collector's" will be available at a price of 49.99 pounds and include:* The collector's »

22nd July, 2011

First video of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

EA Sports presents the first video of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, new installment in the saga of basketball from the perspective arcade. The previous game was going to be released in digital distribution in these two consoles after coming out on Wii disc, but finally, after the cancellation of »

19th July, 2011

First images from Generator Rex

Activision gives us the first pictures of Generator Rex: Agent of Providence, a game that is based on one of the most successful animated series on Cartoon Network.Generator Rex: Agent of Providence lets players take control of Rex, a teenager who has an incredible power, due to the nanobots that »

18th July, 2011

Prototype 2 is released on 24 April

Activision has announced that Prototype 2 will hit European stores on 24 April 2012, allowing time to attend the clash between James Heller and Alex Mercer. "Fans have been waiting for the arrival of Prototype 2, the study is delighted with the announcement of the final launch date", said Ken »


1st September, 2011

Machinarium is now available for iPhone 2

Machinarium now available for iPhone 2 at a price of »

28th August, 2011

A version for Nintendo 3DS Monster Hunter Tri gains momentum

It is not the first rumored adaptation of Monster Hunter, »

25th August, 2011

Masahiro Sakurai defends the new direction of Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest X was finally revealing one of its biggest »

24th August, 2011

iPhone app comes for Dead Island

The official implementation of Dead Island for IOS devices comes »

14th August, 2011

According to Bioware Dragon Age III surprise

In the words of one of the co-founders of BioWare, »


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21st August, 2011

New patch for Killzone 3

Guerrilla Games has announced changes to be included in Killzone »

9th July, 2011

Requirements for Battlefield 3 on PC

The retailer GameStop has listed the minimum and recommended requirements »

17th June, 2011

Additional Content by booking Battlefield 3

The distributor Electronic Arts has confirmed that you can already »

26th May, 2011

New details about the weapons and objects of Silent Hill: Downpour

Vatra Games has unveiled some new details on Silent Hill: »

19th May, 2011

Rockstar tips to solve the problems in LA Noire

Versions of LA Noire to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 »


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New Release

29th August, 2011

Rapala for Kinect: First fishing game without command

Activision and Rapala announced Rapala for Kinect, the first game of fishing without command, a title more than it known »

17th August, 2011

Torchlight 2 cost $20

The developer Runic Games has announced that its action role-playing title Torchlight 2 will be distributed at a price of »

3rd August, 2011

Shown the four seasons of Storm

Entertainment Zoo shows us the four seasons (summer, autumn, spring and winter) Storm, a game of physics-based puzzles to be »


Top Game

7th August, 2011

Julius Styles: The International, play Wesley Snipes

Julius Styles: The International, play Wesley Snipes (the Blade actor who played in the movie of same name) for mobile, »

1st August, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 come to Wii

The Wii version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now official and is scheduled to be released in »

13th July, 2011

Details of House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut

Sega has released new screenshots of The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut for PlayStation 3. In addition, he »