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20th September, 2010

DMC - Devil May Cry: Dante returns to the console

Originally, what in 2001 as "Devil May Cry" filled the retailer shelves, was planned as a sequel to Capcom's "Resident Evil" series. But the radical departure from the principles of the horror game series, the Japanese manufacturers led to publish the game as a standalone title. Capcom thus laying the foundation for a new kind of 3D fighting games. In July 2008 appeared with "Devil May Cry 4" the most recent offshoot of the series.



At the Tokyo Game Show 2010 exhibition games announced by Capcom "DMC - Devil May Cry" is a formal successor. Part 5 series breaks with some traditions. Is therefore characterized by Ninja Theory for the first time Capcom has no internal development studio in charge of the game and also the appearance has changed drastically.

The world is dark and series hero Dante looks much younger than its predecessors. His first of the four parts known white hair has given way to a black tuft. Only a low hairline pigment can imagine the old Dante. With "DMC - Devil May Cry" Capcom dare a new beginning. Whether this all-optical nature, or also extends to the story is unclear. Details of action gave the Japanese are still not known.


1st February, 2011

Mass Effect 2: Error destroyed PS3 savegames

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24th January, 2011

Gran Turismo 5: B-Spec mode, play through the browser

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11th January, 2011

The Playstation Bundle with Move for 95% off?

The types of auctions in which the participants are required »

9th January, 2011

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death by Kinect hardware

Do you remember the red ring of death (RRoD)? This »

13th December, 2010

Final Fantasy 14: Square Enix announces changes

The waves at "Final Fantasy 14" is not smooth: Manufacturers »


Cheat Code

17th January, 2011

Dungeons: System requirements for the gaol

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15th January, 2011

Bullet Storm: System requirements revealed

What is foreign to console gamers, PC gamers passionate deals »

10th January, 2011

Shogun 2: Total War - system requirements revealed

A war requires resources. This statement is as simple as »

27th December, 2010

Dragon Age 2: System requirements published

In "Dragon Age 2", you make the beginning of 2011 »

21st December, 2010

Gran Turismo 5 Cheat: Free car with a new PSN account

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New Release

26th January, 2011

Top Spin 4: colorful pictures from the world of skiing

Game, set and match from 18 states March 2011 Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii at the time: Take-Two served »

7th January, 2011

Anomaly: Earth Warzone Tower Defense with a difference

All very abnormal: An alien spaceship is broken, the debris landing on Earth. Suddenly, no flowers grow more, but puzzling »

26th December, 2010

Tomb Raider Trilogy announced for PS3 HD Reissues

With "Tomb Raider Trilogy" brings Square Enix games some treasures from the Lara Croft series on the Playstation 3 - »


Top Game

19th December, 2010

Mortal Kombat: Special editions announced

After only moderately successful predecessors returns the "Mortal Kombat" series to its roots: traditional two-dimensional fighting and unrestrained excessive brutality. »

30th October, 2010

Football Manager 11: How to win the championship

The League is a modern tragedy in 34 parts: At the end there is only one winner and 17 losers. »

10th October, 2010

Batman - Arkham City

2011 Batman returns and cleans up in the super jail Arkham City. New images will take you on a journey »