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28th October, 2010

Diablo 3: Demon hunter class presented

At the Open House Blizzcon game maker Blizzard unveiled the demon slayer, a new class for the role-playing game "Diablo 3". In a video presented by the cult crusader against the new developer. The trailer shows a young woman dressed in a light armor. A black hood covered her face. The yellow glowing eyes stand out, as she examines the mangled victims of a demon attack. The scene changes.

In the distance a lonely campfire lit the dark night. There, huddled frightened the only survivor of the attack of hellish creatures. Slowly approaches her, the demon slayer. But the spawn of evil form themselves into a new attack. However, they have done your invoice without the new arrival.

The young lady proved to be highly fortified. With both hands holding a crossbow, it makes the hunters hunted and quickly switched from the first forward line. The next opponent gets her Bola feel. The heavy bullet wound around the neck of the unfortunate creature and let them perish in an explosion. The other stream of enemies, they shall be with burning arrows that hit like a hot knife through butter effortlessly through all the enemy ranks.

The Demon Hunter is a classic long-distance fighter. Scenes show, however, that the young lady knows how to hold even in direct combat. A fan blade covers called attack all opponents around the Slayer with knives. In addition, the young woman on an acrobatic melee attack and a powerful magic attack.


29th June, 2011

The Burning Crusade, expansion of World of Warcraft is now free

Blizzard has made ​​free Burning Crusade expansion for World of »

26th June, 2011

BioWare is already thinking about future Mass Effect games

BioWare is already thinking about the future of the Mass »

23rd June, 2011

Now available a new free update for MotorStorm: Apocalypse

Evolution Studios has released a new free update for MotorStorm »

8th June, 2011

Miyamoto confirms Wii U only use a remote screen

Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo's  has confirmed that Wii U is connected »

24th May, 2011

This week is a new patch for Brink

Throughout this week will launch a new patch for Brink »


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17th June, 2011

Additional Content by booking Battlefield 3

The distributor Electronic Arts has confirmed that you can already »

26th May, 2011

New details about the weapons and objects of Silent Hill: Downpour

Vatra Games has unveiled some new details on Silent Hill: »

19th May, 2011

Rockstar tips to solve the problems in LA Noire

Versions of LA Noire to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 »

4th March, 2011

Shogun 2 Total War: demo available on Steam

Creative Assembly refers to its roots and runs the "Total »

11th February, 2011

Crysis 2: Crytek denies PC system requirements

New York City was holding in his films and games »


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New Release

30th June, 2011

Rune Factory 4 Announced for Nintendo 3DS

Marvelous Entertainment has announced a new installment in the Rune Factory series, in this case Nintendo 3DS, representing its debut »

22nd June, 2011

Tales of Monkey Island comes to the iPhone

Telltale Games has released Tales of Monkey Island on the App Store for iPhone, with the episodes already available for »

18th June, 2011

The highly anticipated GTA 5 could come in 2012

Rockstar has not officially acknowledged to be preparing the next installment of its successful Grand Theft Auto, but rumors about »


Top Game

15th June, 2011

Activision presents the story of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Activision presents a new video Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, which focuses on presenting the story of this game. The game used »

21st May, 2011

Ubisoft announces The Smurfs Dance Party

Ubisoft has announced The Smurfs Dance Party, a dance game for Wii based on the 3D film from Sony Pictures »

15th February, 2011

Star Golf: Win a Beta code!

Are you one of the first cyber-golfers, the hole at "Golf Star". A little luck and an e-mail address is »