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26th July, 2013

Bahamut and Odin in Final Fantasy world

The invocations are part of the mystique of the Final Fantasy series. Characters with the ability to summon powerful creatures to fight in place or do a special attack first appeared in Final Fantasy III and since then have gained a privileged role in the world. 

Among the most powerful summoning magic find Bahamut (the god of dragons) and Odin (the chief god of Norse mythology). How did they get to Final Fantasy and what their attacks? 

Bahamut in Final Fantasy 

Bahamut appears in the first Final Fantasy and while it can not be invoked, is key to progress in the game as it enables the development of Heroes of Cristal. The character is based on a mythological creature whose back there Arabic on a bull with four thousand eyes, noses, tongues and feet called Kujuta, on a mountain of rubies Kujuta and at the top of the mountain an angel six hells load and land and seven heavens. 

Bahamut in Final Fantasy has always been one of the most powerful attack spells. Its iconic power is Mega Flare is non-elemental magic that causes great damage to the enemy. In Final Fantasy VII instead of a single version of the dragon there were four different variants (Kai, Reishiki, Shin and Re). 

Odin in Final Fantasy 

Odin instead first appeared in Final Fantasy III and since its debut has been a magic invocation. In later appearances even alludes to this first meeting. In the original adventure is in the Saronia Catacombs and have it in our inventory must be defeated in battle. 

Magic is one of the least invocations whose appearance has changed from its original appearance. Odin is a gentleman who appears to walk his horse Sleipnir and his main attack is a section called Zanzetsuken murderer. This attack causes instant death in almost all enemies when activated, except bosses. In some games the thrust can cause physical damage as compensation for not offering instant death. 

The invocation of Odin is inspired by the Norse god of poetry, war, death and wisdom, a powerful warrior who even sacrificed his eye to drink from the fountain of Mimir and obtain knowledge about the past, the present and the future. It is with his brothers Vili and Ve, the creator of the human realm: Midgard. 

Both the Dragon King as the supreme god of the Norse is present as invocations in Final Fantasy. Which do you prefer when a deathmatch, the dragon with flames devouring or spectral knight with his sword killer.


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