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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Trixies, Speed, Racer X and the rest are speeding to your mobile today. Glu Mobile Inc. announced the global launch of Speed Racer, a mobile game based on the highly-anticipated Warner Bros. Pictures live-action film.

This high-octane family adventure written, directed and produced by the Wachowski brothers, creators of the The Matrix trilogy, and produced by Joel Silver, is the first big-screen adaptation of the popular television series. The launch of Speed Racer marks the first title Glu has developed and published through its strategic worldwide partnership with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

“The team at Glu has done a remarkable job of delivering all the fast action of Speed Racer onto the mobile phone,” said Anthony Campagna, director of wireless sales development, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. “This game provides hours of entertainment and will make a great companion piece for anyone passionate about Speed Racer.”

Speed Racer allows players to become the ultimate Grand Prix champion while driving the Mach 6. By using “Car-Fu” (an artful driving skill and sense of oneness with the vehicle) to drift, slide, jump, and defensively drive, players will navigate extreme tracks against fierce competitors and obstacles. The game includes unique racing courses with slaloms and banks providing a brand-new type of racing experience.

The game also features advanced graphics and 3D screens. These graphics fully immerse players into the Speed Racer experience while also reflecting the upcoming movie’s high-definition video camerawork.

Features include:

• Extreme Tracks – Take on a variety of challenges in Story mode, leading up to the final Grand Prix

• Bonuses and Rewards – Skilled and combative driving pays off with bonuses awarded for opponent crashes, evasions, drifts, and extreme acceleration

• Depth of Gameplay – Different options unlocked after Story Mode allow for different game play and replayability; Survival Mode and Chasing Mode result in exciting competitions to become the champion

• Familiar Characters – Look out for other infamous drivers, including Racer X

• Customization – Six different vehicle choices let players decide which car is best for their racing

• Accessibility – Two difficulty settings let both novices and skilled gamers enjoy playing

Speed Racer opens in U.S. theaters on May 9. The mobile game is now available via major wireless carriers in Europe, North and Latin America, and will continue launching around the world concurrent with film release dates.

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