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The Return of Saturday Morning Cartoons? Print E-mail
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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Tuesday, 03 June 2008

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Today, Capcom announced Spyborgs, a new action game claiming to "resemble a Saturday morning cartoon".  The title which will launch as a Nintendo Wii exclusive in 2009, will be the first title developed by Bionic Games a newly-formed development team comprised of former Insomniac Games and High Impact developers.

Spyborgs, allows players to "take on the role of a diverse team of five bionic superspies in a fight to save the world from a group of dastardly villains"  Offering single player, and 2-player co-op play, the game will utilize a unique control scheme which utilizes the Wii Remote.

Capcom is also promising "a storyline that refuses to take itself too seriously", something that I'm not too sure about yet.  I do love storyline, and this could either be a unique twist or a train wreck.

The game looks really good in the trailer, and honestly, I think this could be one of those titles that really makes me appreciate my Wii again.  Then again, it may just be a title that makes me question why anyone develops for the platform.

Either way, I am excited to see a final product some time next year.


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SuperGuido, Super Administrator
It's a strange name if they're not all spys or cyborgs really...but the idea interests me. Let's think back to all those games with tongue-in-cheek stories... Sam & Max? Yeah..I thought so.. :)
 Posted 2008-06-03 10:29:37
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