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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Sunday, 28 October 2007

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  Here are a few things to read while you have that Sunday morning coffee and prepare for another day of NFL football or weekend relaxation. Hot ham & rolls were a tradition with my grandmother and sometimes my father on Sunday mornings and now I bring the tradition to you.

This week we are new and improved as I took the time to make a header for the feature with GamerPrime serving things up. 


The much beleaguered company is, as I reported some time ago, in the midst of yet another top level shakeup. But things look like they may be on track finally. The company announced this week that funds affiliated with BlueBay Asset Management plc had purchased all of the $3.0 million in loans outstanding under the Company’s Credit Facility with Guggenheim Corporate Funding, LLC. Atari, Inc also announced that it had obtained a credit facility from BlueBay High Yield Investments (Luxembourg) SARL. What does all that financial mumbo-jumbo mean? Well it means they have secured operating capital up to a cool $15 million for the short term operations of the company. Of course they need to turn the company around by December 2009 when the loan comes due. This much-needed funding will help the company meet its holiday season schedule.

 Also in Atari news FUNimation notified it that they wished to terminate two license agreements for the distribution of DragonBall Z games. The company insists that new contracts are being negotiated and that these are solely about distribution in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

 Personally I think Atari should have a good holiday season. They have a good lineup in the coming soon lists with some big names like Godzilla and DragonBall Z.

Game Platform Release
Dawn of Magic PC 10/09/2007
Death to Spies (See my Preview )
PC 10/09/2007
You Are Empty PC 10/09/2007
The Witcher PC 10/30/2007
Fantasy War PC 11/06/2007
Swashbucklers PS2, PC
Atari Classics Evolved PSP 11/13/2007
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Wii, PS2
Jenga Wii, DS
Godzilla: Unleashed DS, PS2, Wii 11/13/2007
Centipede and Millipede XBLA 2007



Again making it into the Hot Ham & Rolls is SEGA who earlier this week announced the maraca shaking sequel to one of the old school music rhythm games, Samba de Amigo for the Wii. No that does not mean dance with your Commodore Amiga, some of them were too heavy to be hauling around a dance floor. As I mentioned in the initial announcement it doesn't sound like a load of fun to just stand around shaking the Wiimote but I could be wrong. 

SEGA has been on its own roll lately, what with working on the match-up we never thought we would see Mario and Sonic as well as another Sonic title both set for this holiday season. Is this a turning point for the big blue S and the first in many cross-color and cross-letter cross-overs with the big red N? They have the star power to get it done and I believe the gamers would buy the games so it might be a good idea.


The retro looking game developer continues to pump out new games that are sequels to big money makers or are throw backs to the past.

This week:

  • Mega Man ZX Advent (Rated E10+), promising to satisfy Mega Man fans old and new, for the Nintendo DS is now available.
  • MotoGP 07 (Rated E for everyone) is on the shelves for the PS2.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations for Nintendo DS is now available.
  • ZACK & WIKI: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure for the Wii is now available.

In the works yet are the next installments in the Resident Evil (Umbrella Chronicles) and Devil May Cry (4), Super Street Fighter II (Turbo HD Remix), and Commando (3) series. Whew. That's not including their new properties in the form of Talisman, Harvey Birdman, We Love Golf and Rocketman: Axis of Evil.


Don't believe the hype... Oh wait, you already did.

Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division has seen its first ever profitable era, thanks solely (in my eyes) to the hype and selling power of the Master Chief and the all too short Halo 3. Soaking gamers for more than $300 million and a whopping profit in operating income of $165 million.

Well considering they have given us two decent game consoles and a host of good games it's about time they made some money. Of course this profit barely evens out the loss of $142 million from the same period last year. But at least the developers can sit back and not worry about getting the sack any time soon.


Unreal Tournament III a Reality

Everyone knows it's coming and I know that you know it's coming but just in case you forgot, which I know that you know you didn't Unreal Tournament III is almost here. The PC version should appear on shelves after 15 November. While the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will not join the brackets until next year. Of course sometime this month you will begin, if you haven't already, to see he massive marketing campaign that has been prepared for the game. Even though this game doesn't need it in my eyes. The hardcore gamers know it's coming, the casual gamers know it's coming, hell my MOM (hi Mom) might even know that it's coming and I'm certain my father (Hi TechnoDad) knows it's coming because while not a big fan of playing FPS he does enjoy watching them and loved the spectator mode included in some games.

So now you know, and knowing is half the battle. (That technically belongs to Hasbro, or whomever owns G.I. Joe now.) 


Sell out or Give Away?

It's been reported that the HD-DVD drive add-on for the Xbox 360 is being bundled with 5 HD-DVDs until the end of the year. With that said and knowing that a company like Microsoft doesn't do something without a reason I would not be surprised if the rumors about a new Xbox 360 with a built-in HD-DVD drive were true. In fact this smells to me like they are trying to dwindle the stock of the HD-DVD external in preparation for that very thing. If it were me running the company I would have had the unit ready for the Xmas shopping season. Then of course I probably would have been fired because I had lost profit on all those HD-DVD drives lying about on store shelves. But it might have saved some gamers some cash enough to buy an extra game or two and been well worth it.


The future is set in stone...sometimes

The dates for PAS 2008 were announced already. So start planning on being in the Seattle area August 29-31, 2008.


Iwata Says: NO!

Again, I don't know why people keep asking him, that ever-present and out-spoken president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata has again denied all rumors of a Wii price-cut. Honestly people, if you get time with the big cheese from the big N that's the best question you have for him? Why the hell would they cut the price when it is obviously priced at the exact point it needs to be at. Supply still is barely enough for demand and until that changes I don't really even see a need to change the price on it. It isn't so much that it falls into 'utter extravagance' and it's not so cheap to make people think it's not worth it. Get a grip and ask better questions, like what will be the first Wii Ware offerings, when will we see them and are there any plans for alternative controllers for the Wii that might strap onto ankles and such for fighting games. OK so that last one is mine and I don't want someone else asking it. But it would be a cool idea no?



By now I'm sure your coffee is either cold of finished and you ham sandwich needs a reheat. Personally I'm off to get another cup of coffee myself. Oh and don't forget to turn the clocks back one hour if you haven't already. Sping forward, fall back you know.


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