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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Sunday, 14 October 2007

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  Here are a few things to read while you have that Sunday morning coffee and prepare for another day of NFL football. Hot ham & rolls were a tradition with my grandmother my father on Sunday mornings in preparation for football and now I bring the tradition to you. Enjoy!


SEGA has been extremely busy and from the look of things they will continue to be for the next several months. But here's what has been happening with them lately.

  The Golden Compass follows Lyra, voiced by Dakota Blue Richards, as she travels through the frozen wastes of the North collecting items in order to explore, evade and deceive her way to rescue a friend kidnapped by a mysterious group known as The Gobblers. Speaking about voice acting for the videogame Dakota commented, "I do find it quite difficult, but I also find it fun, in the same way that I found doing the green screen stuff fun [on the film set]." The Golden Compass is Dakota's first major acting role and she was picked from 1000's of hopefuls who auditioned for the part of Lyra in the film.

Lyra can also use her daemon, Pantalaimon, to collaborate with in-game characters and to help her get through certain difficult situations. The role of Pantalaimon is voiced by Freddie Highmore, who starred as Charlie Bucket in the 2005 version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. However, this is not Freddie's first voice-over role as he remarked, "I have performed voiceover work in the past. To convey the essence of a character you've got to believe in it and I think you have to get into the character, because if you don't believe in it no one else will." 

The Golden Compass videogame is releasing on PS3, X360, Wii, PS2, DS & PSP later this year.

Virtua Fighter 5 has already gone gold. But if you're not sure whether you should spend the money on it then you can check out the demo on Xbox Live (for Xbox 360). The demo allows players partial access to both VS. mode, where two players can battle it out (offline), and also to Arcade mode for spectacular single player action.  Both modes feature Akira, Sarah, El Blaze and Eileen as playable characters and the demo has three playable stages - "Arena" (El Blaze's stage), "Deep Mountain" (Lei-Fei's stage) and "Island" (Jeffry's stage).

The Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 features an online VS. mode and is based on the latest arcade version update.  It features both analogue stick and D-pad control, as well as vibration support.  The game also includes an improved Quest mode featuring more CPU rivals, items, and emblems for character customisation.  The DOJO mode has added features including leaderboards, training move settings, improved throw escape training, and the option to change your opponent's position and recovery type.  

  I don't need no instructions on how to rock Fry guy...

Sorry I was channeling Carl from ATHF there for a moment. It's not such a stretch when you think about Rock Band because Carl really could rock out in his wifebeater T and jogging pants. Well for all of you (CigDangle included) that are drooling over the upcoming release but concerned about the cost I found some good information on what you can expect. So Head over to TheBBPS (Bits bytes Pixels Sprites) and read up on what they nabbed from the recent PlayStation Toronto event. Rock on!

It's just a stepping stone...

Right off the bat this sentence "Microsoft’s Xbox 360 launch strategy means that it has the largest – and arguably the best – games offering for consumers this Q4." made me do a double take. on the MCV interview with Neil Thompson from Microsoft (Senior Regional Director, Northern Europe, Entertainment & Devices Division - That's a hell of a long title.). I mean didn't I just post a massive list of games heading to the Wii and DS for the holiday season? 

The Wii coming soon list   VS. The Xbox 360 coming soon list  - You Make the call

  It sure looks to me that the Wii has more games coming out. But that's a minor point to be debated. There are other great tidbits like this one:

This isn’t an Xbox 360 strategy, this is a Microsoft entertainment strategy going way into the future. As a stepping stone towards that future, it’s certainly a successful one. If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, I think when people look back on this in the future they will see this as a very successful stepping stone in Microsoft’s broader entertainment vision.

So hop on over to MCV and read the rest. The interview is on the bland side but there is some interesting insight into how Microsoft is looking at things from their end. It is of course skewed and spun so they smell prettier in the end.


News of the Week: EA to Buy Pandemic and Bioware

As I reported earlier this week EA, who I grudgingly admire, is buying two of the most successful independent games studios in the world. Of course this generally causes a panic in the gaming population. So of course everyone is happy to talk about how great it will be and the future of the current projects and all that. Some of it is interesting reading and while I hate sending traffic to 1Up on principal (simply because they're larger than us and are part of the Ziff Davis empire) I must send you to them for these two:

The Future of Mass Effect  

Pandemic Talks EA

Well that's all I have this week. Next week there's no Hot Ham & Rolls as I will be out of town for the weekend unless someone else stops over at the butcher, the baker and the video game maker.

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