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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Thursday, 21 February 2008

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Ok so I wrote about StreamMyGame some time back in this article. Well those crazy network cats are back with some new info. Remember the app allows you to run a game on your PC and then stream it via the web to be played somewhere else. announced today that its software now enables 2D applications as such as Microsoft Office as well as 3D games to be used remotely on low spec Windows notebooks, Linux devices and the PlayStation 3. offers its members the flexibility to use their 2D applications installed on a main PC on any other PC or Linux device in their home or home office. The application does not need to be installed on the remote PC/device. Their applications can be viewed at HDTV resolution and two people can simultaneously use the same application making it easy to collaborate.

All 2D applications can be used including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, XP Media Center and even Photoshop along with commercial applications such as MYSQL Administrator and SAP's Database Manager.

Gamers who use Valve's Steam network can now use StreamMyGame to remotely see Steam's 2D launcher. They can start games such as Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source and Team Fortress and then record, broadcast and stream them, even to the PlayStation 3.

StreamMyGame will extend its services in late March 2008 to enable games and applications to be used remotely over broadband networks and will release an office version of its technology later this year.

StreamMyGame software is available free by simply registering at

Customers can use the free service or subscribe for $9.99 per year for resolutions up to HDTV 720p or $19.99 per year for higher resolutions.

But consider the possibilities. If you don't want to clutter up the living room with a media center PC in there, leave it in the office and control it via a web-enabled device in a completely different part of the house. Take a lightweight low-cost laptop on the road and via the web do some heavy lifting with that gaming rig back at homebase. Not just games, I could do all sorts of image editing from remote with a UMPC (ultra-mobile PC) weighing all of 2 pounds while my 10 pound behemoth (yes, I have a 10 lb Asus laptop) sits safely at home saving me the pain of hauling that damn thing around. Photoshop, Word and a few other apps are all I would need. No hard drive footprint, no processor overhead. Oh man it's the traveling freelancer's dream come true. I already downloaded the server and will do some testing and let you know how it goes. 

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