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Spore Creature Creator - Day 1 Print E-mail
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 18 June 2008

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I took the Spore Creature Creator  for a quick spin today and while it only has about 25% of available options in it, it's still pretty cool. Though I have come to realize that I have no sense of creature aesthetics because while Gorbatard turned out ok Ringosaur would probably get quickly taken out by evolution and survival of the fittest.

My first attempt at a creature was Gorbatard. It took but about 10 minutes of fooling around to get to what you see before you. He's not too shabby and might survive for a thousand years...maybe. It was actually fun to stick things onto him and see how they might look and work and then pull them off and try again. I went through a few different iterations quickly while in the development stage and ended up with this.


Here are some action and cheesecake shots for you to peruse.



Finally a nice portrait of Gorbatard.

Then I moved on to try my hand at something...stranger. I ended up with Ringosaur. No he's not named after the Beatles' drummer, he's named after his ring like structure. I was trying to make him look bizarre, otherworldly. I realized that I was able to actually take what look like flaws in the game and turn them into something that looked like this.



Now I'm not sure if they are flaws or not because he still functions and can run and attack and even dance. But it sure is strange. Overall I think my first 20 minutes with the Spore Creature Creator were successful. I did in fact create some creatures.

As I said it was fun to play around with the stuff and considering it's only 25% of what will be in the retail version it should make for hours of fun. I might even go back in later and try to make some specific recreations of creatures from books, film and real life if I find the time.


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