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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Monday, 06 November 2006


Engadget has a list of features expected on the PS3 as well as some insight and observations. The most interesting of which I thought were:

  • There are currently no plans for VGA out on the PlayStation 3.
    What? No VGA? Well ok maybe it is not such a big deal but I am guessing some people might have problems but then again what do I know.
  • The system will not support more than seven controllers.
    How odd. Why not 8 controllers? Would that not be slightly more logical? Of course with 8 gamers huddled around your living room and console things would already be quite crowded unless you have one massive living room.
  • Despite rumor, Sony insists the US is still officially targeted for a 400k unit launch; Japan is still set for a mere 80k. Sony execs are actually expecting an upturn in unit production before launch, so those numbers may actually go up.
    Wow these have to be some of the lowest launch numbers in history for a console. They really must have had some serious hardware issues that prevented them from whipping up the earlier numbers. Of course we all know the long list of problems they have been facing but apparently they fixed some of them.
  • After plenty of gameplay the console is cool -- or at worst warm -- to the touch on every surface.
    That's great news considering there was much discussion about frying eggs on the surfaces, not that I would suggest anyone attempt to fry an egg on the surface of their console. I mean at least use a frying pan or something.

    For the rest of the list visit the Engadget article listed in the source below.

    Source: Some interesting facts about the PS3
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