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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 09 January 2008

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A Dutch website reported that there is a 40% failure rate in the 40GB Playstation 3. Sony begs to differ. Here's the scoop... 

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe can categorically deny that there is a 40% failure rate on the newly release 40GB PlayStation 3 (PS3) as has been reported on a Dutch website. Having launched in October, the 40GB PS3 has encountered the same industry leading, very low failure rates, comparable to the low level failure rates of the 60GB PS3.

“We are very proud of the quality and reliability of PlayStation 3 and are disappointed that such extremely sloppy journalism has resulted in this totally inaccurate story,” said David Reeves, President, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. “Since launching the 40GB PS3, we have experienced a fantastic jump in sales and the failure rates have remained at the very low level that we not only strive for, but have been achieving since the launch of PS3.”

Considering how small the Netherlands is and depending on the scope of their information it is possible that a bad batch of PS3's went there and that would account for such a high percentage of failures. I haven't heard any uproar of disapproval about failure rates so I can't really put any credence into the rumor myself. 

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