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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Friday, 15 February 2008

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Here are some quick stats and screenshots from the upcoming Seven Kingdoms: Conquest which will be on US shelves next month and in the UK 'Q1' which ends quite soon now doesn't it? What's it about? Read on and find out.

Join the epic battle for dominance as the Demons advance in an effort to free their Master Diablo and the mortal Humans try to push them back in two campaigns spanning over 4000 years.

The time has come, the battlefields have been set and all hell is about to break loose. Neither side will bend… neither side will retreat… nor will either side ever yield!

Armies and Demon Hordes
Take command of the Pharaoh’s armies, lead the Ancient Greeks and their Gods, March the Legions of Rome and inspire the Knights of the Middle Ages all to victory. Or play the Demon Hordes and choose from the demonic legions of Beasts, Shadows, Plague, Nightmare, Serpents, Ice and Fire.

Unit Diversity
Over 95 different units each with their own spells and special abilities

Historical Heroes
Summons the most feared warriors from former times and wars to fight along side your army and lift their morale. Choose from legendary Heroes such as Achillies, Hercules, Arthur, Persival, Galahad, Genghis Khan plus a host of others.

Three Modes of Play
Campaign, Skirmish and Multiplayer modes: Skirmish and Multiplayer modes include: Annihilation, King of the Hill, Die Diablo and Domination. Each mode has its own unique goals and victory conditions.

Be sure to check out the big Screenshot gallery:  

Developer: Enlight Software Ltd
Genre: Strategy
ESRB: T for Teen (Blood, Fantasy Violence)
PEGI: 12+
US Release: March 11th 2008
UK Release: Q1 2008

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