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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I think we file this under "see what Sony doesn't see." I know I haven't been on my anti-Sony path for some time but I'm still irked, I just choose not to always show it. Anyway get your satellite dish in order folks, gaming is going primetime. 

The Eurosport Group and Championship Gaming Series (CGS) announced today that Eurosport has signed a deal with BSkyB (Sky) that grants Eurosport the exclusive continental European broadcast rights for Championship Gaming Series, the only worldwide professional video gaming league.

Highlights from the inaugural 2007 series will be broadcast in primetime on Eurosport 2 April 28 – May 3, followed by the highly anticipated 2008 season later this year, bringing CGS programming to 41 nations in continental Europe for the first time, including France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Eurosport 2's broadcast footprint for CGS will complement Sky’s coverage in the UK and Ireland, DIRECTV’s coverage in the Americas, and STAR and ESPN STAR Sports broadcasts in Asia and Australia. The addition of Eurosport 2 coverage will expand the overall reach of televised CGS programming to more than 400 million potential viewers across five continents.

CGS is the world’s only professional video gaming league with full-time General Managers and contracted gamers on teams throughout the world that compete in televised regional qualifying events and a World Final to win more than a million dollars in cash prizes.

Along with the televised broadcast rights for mainland Europe, Eurosport also has secondary broadcasting rights for the UK and Ireland following the original broadcasts on Sky. Additionally, Eurosport has received rights for CGS mobile and broadband broadcast.

Now then, see how technologically advanced and forward thinking Europe is? What's wrong with the rest of you? heh. 

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