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Written by Matt "snorkle256" Nolan   
Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Well, technically it is for both "stereotypical women in their thirties, as well as for their teenage hardcore gamer sons".

All jokes aside, Codeminion is releasing a new casual game that attempts to attract all kinds and ages of gamers.  Saqqarah is being made as a mind teasing adventure game.  They are giving it a large amount of production time and creating a longer casual game, something that is said not to be seen currently in this genre.  From the looks of it, their goal is to create something that equals the quality of AAA games yet obtains the simplistic gameplay of average casual games.  Going this route they hope to create a title that is accessible to all.

Codeminion has kept Saqqarah secret for about a year.  Game designer Tom Grochowiak explains “Content-wise the game is pretty much complete. However, for us that doesn’t mean it’s done. We’re now focused on polishing and play testing. We want to make something really great, so perfectionism is the way to go”.  So far they have only teased us with intro images of Saqqarah, we've yet to see why this game spans all generations.



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