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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Tuesday, 29 April 2008

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So Ubisoft announced a new Prince of Persia game coming later this year and the world has gone mental over it. But really, is it any surprise that it's coming?

Think about it people, the game has always been popular so it makes sense that they'll continue making them.  But here's what irks's the copy from the press release. Let's dissect, shall we?

This new Prince of Persia marks the debut of the critically acclaimed franchise on next-generation consoles.

 Can we PLEASE, STOP, CALLING THEM NEXT-GEN? I mean they're here, they're now and the next-generation shouldn't even be conceived in its parents' bedroom let's get up to speed on this one OK?

Prince of Persia is opening a new chapter in the Prince of Persia universe, featuring a new breed of gameplay.

 Maybe they will, maybe they won't, maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt. A new breed of gameplay? I hope they do, I hope it's so innovative that the critics hate it because they can't understand it (like the Wiimote, motion controls on the SIXAXIS, etc). I hope they take the platform and stand it on its head. Well then I guess that's really just a different platform though isn't it?

The game is poised to rejuvenate the action-adventure genre in addition to introducing a brand-new illustrative art style.

A who what? Did action-adventure need rejuvenating? Has it been languishing in the collective subconscious of the Gamerz Nation without even a whiff of spring air? They make it sound like action-adventure gaming has been dead for ages. I'm pretty sure it's alive and well actually and that rejuvenating it is just a fancy way of saying 'we've got an action/adventure game coming.' Oddly, I make my living writing this type of stuff and I'm happy to report clients eat it up. I won't begin to bore you with the details of how I come up with the things I write but suffice it to say my brain exists in an alternative universe when I do.

 Ubisoft will also release a Prince of Persia game specifically designed for the Nintendo DS system, featuring an entirely new storyline and new characters. More details to be unveiled in the future

Alright! Here's some good info. The PoP game will be totally different for the NDS, that's cool actually. I do understand why they make basically the same game for every platform, it's cost effective. But I really like when they make different versions for different platforms because that adds some value into getting it on more than one platform. It adds potential for diversity in the gameplay as defined by the controller. A Wii version should be different from a DS version (though they are sort of both touch screens in their purest forms) The X360 and PS3 versions can be similar in texture and gameplay...but what about a PSP version? The gameplay and control would be similar to the DS in some respects and similar to its larger sibling in others. They could hybridize it into a wholly new game itself. Too bad they're not making one at present. 

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