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Written by Thomas "CigDangle" Balistreri   
Thursday, 08 November 2007

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The big news on the PlayStation 3 today is Firmware v2.00.

Sony is so excited about the update, they even released a video, shot with their own PlayStation Eye, showing off the features.  See the video after the break.

Also today, a server Update 3.0 patch and Devil’s Weekend downloadable content both for Motorstorm will be available in the PSN Store.

The Update 3.0 patch:

  • Adds support for the DUALSHOCK 3 controller with adjustable sensitivity settings
  • Sensitivity settings for SIXAXIS Motion Sensor control
  • Position from the previous race determines your starting grid position in the next race within the same online lobby
  • Grid order is randomized for the first race in any online lobby
Devil’s Weekend includes:
  • Four new tickets containing 10 races
  • Five new vehicles
  • One special unlockable vehicle
  • Each vehicle has three new skins

Additionally, the PlayStation Store website has the first two Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock song packs.

Guitar Hero III - Foo Figthers Pack

  • "The Pretender"
  • "All My Life"
  • "This Is A Call"

Guitar Hero III - Velvet Revolver Pack

  • "She Builds Quick Machines"
  • "Slither"
  • "Messages"

The song packs are available on the PS Store now, and are also available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.


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