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PAL Territories to Revel in FFXI08 Multi-platform mania!! Print E-mail
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Thursday, 01 May 2008

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Square Enix Ltd. today announced the forthcoming release of Final Fantasy XI 2008 Edition, available from 23rd May. Finally TRUE CROSS-PLATFORM gaming is made a reality. Thank you Square Enix, thank you very much for showing the world that it can be done!

Final Fantasy XI 2008 Edition takes you into the world of Vana'diel during the aftermath of a great war, as you answer a desperate call to defend your people. In this first ever cross-platform massively multiplayer online game, you'll unite with other warriors as they save their world from utter destruction.

The brand-new 2008 Edition available for both Windows and Xbox 360 contains all four expansion packs, Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urghan and the latest expansion pack Wings of the Goddess.

John Yamamoto, president and chief executive officer of Square Enix Ltd. comments, "The world of Final Fantasy XI 2008 Edition continues to grow with both new content and new players. Final Fantasy XI 2008 Edition allows interested players to join the adventure with the bonus of all the expansion pack content. I hope many more players enjoy and experience the exciting world of Vana'diel and all that Final Fantasy XI 2008 Edition has to offer."


New Combat Features:
An all-new "Allied Campaign" system will allow players to take part in large-scale battles and explore new special dungeons
New Areas:
New settings further expand the vast world of Vana'diel
Mog House Guests:
Players will be able to invite their friends to their Mog Houses, showing their personalised furniture and special items. It is a new way to talk about past adventures and future plans in an entirely customised setting.
New Jobs: Dancer and Scholar
New Monsters


Final Fantasy XI was originally released on May 2002. In October 2003 the title was released in North America and the European release followed in September 2004.

Final Fantasy XI is the first MMORPG capable of simultaneous multiplayer action across three different platforms, allowing players worldwide to combine forces on Windows, PlayStation 2 (North America and Japan only) and Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XI players from all over the world can unite in one gaming universe in a community of more than 500,000 players, and 1.7 million characters.

March 2007 saw the introduction of the French and German language versions of Final Fantasy XI creating an influx of new players. Those already playing will tell you this has added to a vibrant multi-cultural online community.

Final Fantasy XI is the first ever MMORPG for Microsoft's Xbox 360.

I have always liked Square Enix, even though I might have complained about them from time to time. They have done the unthinkable. They have linked a PC with an Xbox 360 and PS2 all in the same game, at the same time. I hold them up as a shining example of what can be done with a great license, a driving force and a powerful industry presence. If only the other game companies would break the seeming strangehold that the hardware makers have on this sort of thing we can all live in the Gamerz Nation no matter what platform we are on and we can all play together, like it should be. 

You do know of course that this means I will disappear on 23 May and probably resurface some time in September...dammit and I was thinking I might have a nice summer of travel and hitchhiking and such. But with it being available on PC I think those plans have gone the way of the dodo (that's an extinct bird kids).

 Oh yeah...LOADS of screenshots! Click this image to go to the gallery! Creepy kids and all... Long Live Final Fantasy

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 01 May 2008 )

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