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No New XBLA Dashboard for You, Oh and Some Games Will Be Pulled Print E-mail
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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Saturday, 24 May 2008

[News] [X360]

I know the title is really long but I had a lot to say in it. Microsoft had a lot to say recently on the Xbox 360 dashboard update, or lack thereof, and some less-than-stellarly performing games. 

Spring has sprung. A leak has sprung. Microsoft forgot to turn the clock forward it seems because they are not giving anyone a spring update for the XBLA dashboard. According to the exclusive interview at Next Generation the dashboard update will wait for awhile but there will be a new DRM management tool. They say it will be more helpful in moving all those titles to your replacement Xbox 360 once you get it back from them. Hopefully they'll keep the red ring and send it back as well. 

The more interesting thing he spoke about was the delisting of games on XBLA. If they have a Metacritic score of 65% or lower and a conversion of less than 6% they will be delisted. Wait a minute, Metacritic is suddenly the de facto scoring system for the world? How much does that suck? I mean we're not on Metacritic (though we will be somewhere else soon). A lot of people are not included in MC scores so why is that the deciding factor?

 Microsoft claims this will create a more focused catalog that will have more immersive games. But aren't some of those XBLA titles meant to be pick up and play? It's called Arcade people and who cares how many titles are in it? The more the better, even if not everyone agrees that the game is good. Why delist games at all?

 Oh, and since they had a bigger game in production they wanted to charge more for, they decided to let everyone charge up to 1600 Microsoft points for the bigger games. Of course, Penny Arcade, was the first title at that price. Who published that one again? Right!

Anyway here's the official word on that move: 

So we are officially increasing our XBLA game size limits dramatically from 150mb to 350mb.  We are also giving publishers more flexibility in how they price their games and opening up a new 1600 Microsoft Points price point for some of these now bigger and better games.

So we can expect larger games that cost more. How long do you think it will take to download a 350MB game from the service when it is 'prime time' for your server? I can only imagine.

The new tools coming in June from them promise to make getting all that content you purchased and lost back on your X360 easier than in the past. It will allow you to get new DRM licenses for things you had purchased before your unit took a crap and went belly up. 

Well overall it's an interesting read and there are a whole lot of numbers in it but nothing that really means anything until we see some end product. Though bigger better games are promising.


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