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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Friday, 05 October 2007

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EA Playground, from EA obviously, is slated for release in the next several weeks on the Wii and Nintendo DS. So I thought it only fitting that I sent us all back to reminisce about those schoolyard days where the biggest kid in school ruled the yard with an iron fist. No, no this is not a game about forcibly taking control points to dominate the school playground. This is a game about fun for all, young and old alike. EA has gathered together its own group of games into one package for everyone who is or wants to feel young.

"EA Playground transports you to your fantasy playground, packed with interesting characters, over-the top gameplay, and a ton of collectables. Kids can bring the excitement of the playground home, and parents or even grandparents can re-experience their childhood thrills.”

--Executive producer Dave McCarthy

EA Playground features games that are easy to pick-up-and-play by fully capitalizing on the unique control mechanics of both the Wii and the Nintendo DS. Swing the Wii remote to excel in tetherball, blow into the Nintendo DS mic to fire spitballs or battle your friends and family in dodgeball. Every game brings its own twist to the controls for the ultimate, all-ages, party game.

In EA Playground, you don’t always have to be playing with your friends and family in order to have fun. Explore the world on your own as you enter different locations, unlocking new activities, making wacky in-game friends and collecting rewards and stickers to upgrade your abilities along the way.



The Gallery:  screen10.jpg

I don't recall shooting spitballs on the playground; I never took a slide-rule to school which I think you would need to calculate trajectory, wind speed, power requirements and the like. But I did like to shoot spitballs on occasion. Tetherball was something I think my mother played, we played things like dodgeball and football (tackle, on concrete) and then this strange game we made up in winter on the totally ice-covered tennis courts where you had to try to race from the fence to the net, fly over the net and get to the other fence before begin tagged by someone. It was painful in general, just like the tackle football. Luckily I was one of the bigger kids and if you tagged me, you generally paid a price in flesh. I was not the nicest young person on the planet.



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