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Written by Nick "TheGhost" Gaulin   
Wednesday, 27 August 2008

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Was the old saying “Let a sleeping dog lie”? Or was it “Let a dead console stay buried?”

For most of us, Dreamcast was a system that didn’t make it past the 90’s. Apparently developer Yuan Works didn’t get the memo.

Unveiling at the Game Conference in Leipzig in a small corner of hall four, was a puzzle type game set for release this summer in Europe on what was thought to be the dead and buried Dreamcast system by Sega Corp. Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles apparently plays a lot like Hexic except for the little Chinese symbols on the blocks and little anime characters

dreamcastPublisher Redspot Games is either extremely optimistic in its ability to draw in gamers nearly 10 years after its target consoles prime, or has been locked away in a bunker void from the flow of information since the millennium ball dropped, maybe out of fear from Y2K. Either way, Wind and Water: Puzzle Battlesis not planned to release in the US any time soon which suits me just fine. I pawned my Dreamcast seven years ago like the rest of America.



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