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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Wednesday, 24 October 2007

[OpEd] [X360]

Does the old adage "bigger is better" apply to everything including game controllers? The guys over at Arcade-in-a-box seem to think so. But the bigger the joystick the higher the price of course. They recently announced the availability of single and dual-player authentic arcade controllers for the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 control panels feature authentic arcade controls that are identical to those used on your favorite arcade machines including Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Galaga. In addition to being compatible with the Xbox 360, the arcade controllers can also be used with a Windows PC.

But do you need a big wooden box full of circuit-board and nothing to play a game? I think not. 

"Xbox 360 gamers have a wide variety of classic arcade games to play, but until now there hasn’t been a high-quality, stick with the authentic controls that hard core gamers demand" Says Ed Farias, Owner of Arcade-In-A-Box. "Our goal was to design and deliver a product for the gamer who wanted the most elite, most authentic, and most thrilling Xbox 360 arcade experience possible."

 Yes, we have been demanding that controllers go back to the days of "so big they would crush your lap if you were to put one on it." Hell gamers even complain about the cables and dongles needed to use certain guitar-like peripherals in games. On top of all that the controller costs as much as some games that are packaged with controllers. This is just a controller albeit one large enough to crush the family pet.

wow that's a big stick

 The Xbox 360 arcade controller joins other items that are at the top of home arcade gamer’s holiday wish lists, including the Arcade-In-A-Box home arcade console, Jamma-In-A-Box featuring authentic arcade PC Boards and the extremely popular home arcade cabinet kit. More information on those products can be found at:

The one stick version is a mind-numbing $149.99 while the siamese twin version there is $299.99. How much is your gaming experience authenticity worth? I do remember my friend Oic making his own full-sized controllers a long time ago but then again I think he stole most of the parts from his employer at the time and didn't pay this much.

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