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Written by Christophor "SuperGuido" Rick   
Tuesday, 25 September 2007

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I just don't see it becoming abundantly popular with gamers. PC gamers are generally power-users who like to have everything in its place on their PC. Many of us would not relish an application that took the decision out of our hands and installed stuff as it pleased. I mean that's called a 'root kit' isn't it?

Well Digital Interactive Systems Corp. (DISCover), is betting against that and today announced the launch of InstaPlay, a patented desktop client and service that brings the ease and accessibility of console gaming to the PC


 DISCover’s InstaPlay is the definitive means for browsing, purchasing, downloading, installing, storing, organizing and playing games and demos on the PC. Detailed game descriptions, screenshots, reviews, cheats and system requirements are offered, providing the most comprehensive game guide on the market today. Additionally, DISCover’s patented digital distribution system, which is incorporated into InstaPlay, allows gamers to purchase top PC titles in a variety of digital formats, including digital trial, rental, full purchase download and physical game discs. InstaPlay allows gamers to quickly get into the action with console-style ease by incorporating three core components:

  • Drop-N-Play – Simply drop the game disc into the drive and InstaPlay automatically installs, organizes, and launches the game just like a console. Subsequently, when a disc is required for play, simply dropping the disc into the drive will automatically launch the title.
  • MyGames – Simple, intuitive organization of all game titles installed on the PC. InstaPlay searches out previously installed games and organizes them for instant access.
  • One-Click-Play – Whether running a trial or fully installed game, one click is all it takes to get into the action.

"InstaPlay will offer gamers quick and easy access to their games as well as the ability to browse, demo and purchase new top titles in any format they choose,” said David Ferrigno, CEO, DISCover. “By eliminating the cumbersome install and launch process required for most PC games, InstaPlay will make PC gaming more accessible to a larger audience than ever before.”

InstaPlay is Vista-ready and will launch with hundreds of titles, many of which are award-winning games from top publishers. InstaPlay will ship exclusively with DISCover’s OEM partners.

 Oh I get it now. It's like Steam but you still need game discs for some games. Well that doesn't make any sense to me at all. Well I do like the digitally distributed rental and trial games thing but again, they are missing the major difference between the PC and the console. With a console you don't install anything. With a PC you don't want your hard drive cluttered up with remnants and registry entries (if you're using Windows) of games long gone. I have enough of that now with reviewing games every week or three and I tell you that it's a nightmare. If it wasn't for a good set of applications that do the cleaning for me I would go insane with all the leftover garbage that games and installs leave behind. Things that simply waste space like extra folders, random files, temporary directories and files and even those elusive and usually deeply buried registry entries. No sir, I just don't see this as being a smash hit unless they find a way of keeping everything clean. 

I will try to contact them for more information on it and see if I can get some answers to the clean up questions and such. Everyone knows you don't want remnants haunting your hard disk and cluttering up the place. 

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